1. AUDIO: Ma Dukes Yancey - "Inspiration From Ma Dukes."

    AUDIO: Ma Dukes Yancey – “Inspiration From Ma Dukes.”

    For those who haven't yet checked out Waajeed 's newly relaunched bling47.com , please do yourself a favor and pay a visit. In addition to a fine series of webisodes on J Dilla sample train-spotting entitled "Bling 47 Breaks," Jeedo's been uploading plenty of exclusives, demos, and other goodies from his archives. The latest is an excerpt from his forthcoming Electric Street Orchestra EP, featuring some words of inspiration from J Dilla's mother, affectionately known to the world simply as Ma Dukes . Equally worth peeping are Waajeed's words regarding the posthumous presentation of Dilla's legacy.

    An excerpt: "FYI, I’m posting these songs and videos this month because they should be shared. I’m telling these short stories because they are mine to tell. They are not to validate myself, brag, or to cement my place in history – as some people would think. I am my own entity. I am in no way accountable to anyone or any organization whatsoever for what I say or do. To date, Bling47 stands alone for good reason. My commitment was and still is to my brother in life and death. My loyalty is not exploitable by circumstance. These are not just Dilla stories, they’re stories about me and my homies. Stories about MY journey and MY life."

    Read the rest of Waajeed's heartfelt words at bling47.com .

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