1. Dilated Peoples & Chali 2na Rhyming at Fat Beats in 1999 (VIDEO).

    Dilated , Jurassic & Beat Junkies repping for the West Coast at Fat Beats in ’99. Footage from DJ Eclipse .

    Eclipse says: Since Dilated & Jurassic are back on tour together and hitting NYC this weekend I figured I would post this clip from the last time they were on tour together back in 1999. This footage is from a Dilated Peoples in-store at Fat Beats NYC on the day that they were doing their New York stop on the “Word Of Mouth” tour. August 11, 1999. The bill was Dilated Peoples, Jurassic 5, Beat Junkies and me, DJ Eclipse. The venue was Tramps, home to some of the illest shows NYC had seen in the ’90s. The interesting thing about this show was that it was the last show Tramps had before it closed down. Some footage from that night to come.

    [Via 2DBz ]

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