1. Diamond D Discusses Classics From His Discography (VIDEO).


    Splash! magazine of Germany sat down with Diamond D during a visit to Europe commemorating the 20-year anniversary of Stunts, Blunts & Hip-Hop . And in this video interview, the D.I.T.C. mainstay discusses some of the recorded highlights of his career - appearing on Jazzy Jay's Cold Chillin' In the Studio compilation, Tribe's Low End Theory , D.I.T.C.'s "One Day," and of course, Stunts and its follow-up, Hatred, Passion and Infidelity . Diamond also touches on such topics as the Lord Finesse - Mac Miller controversy and his forthcoming LP, The Diam Piece .

    [via Splash! ]

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • FR

      Good vid but no comment on The Score???

    • bboycult

      20yrs!? Damn.....I remember big studio headphones on the bus w/the bump skippy discman; like it was an hour ago.