1. Diamond D Kickin’ It On The “Juan Epstein” Show (AUDIO).

    He’s without a doubt one of the greatest hip-hop producers to ever touch the boards. Diamond D stops by for an almost hour long chat with Cipha Sounds & Peter Rosenberg and, well, let’s just say we could listen to these guys talk all day.

    Opening with the question, “Where are the Psychotic Neurotics?”, you immediately know this is gonna be a fun interview conducted by true genuine rap fans, and Diamond, for his part, opens up about his entire career, discussing his early production work with Finesse, revisiting the days of being in Ultimate Force, being mentored by Jazzy Jay, the formation of D.I.T.C., and an extensive look at his impressive catalog, both his own material and work he did for other artists. So if hearing about how Puba didn’t make it to the studio and, thus, Diamond was asked by Q-Tip to jump on “Show Business” instead is the kind of back in the day memories you’re into, you’re gonna get a kick out of this.

    [Via 2DBZ ]

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