1. Listen to Diamond D's All 45s DJ Set at Mighty,
    San Francisco (AUDIO).


    Last week Diamond D spun an all 45s set at Mighty in San Francisco and someone had the good sense to press "record" as it went down. Well, at least for the final 25 minutes - just long enough to give the rest of us a pretty good idea of the evening's steez: double copies of everything and plenty of breaks and funky stuff - from the opening Bernie Worrell clav riffs of Funkadelic's "A Joyful Process" through the nation-building vibes of Roy Ayers' "Red Black & Green." Also, that unmistakable they-used-to-do-it-out-in-the-park-ness that seems to pervade the spinning styles of all the BX's favorite sons - occasionally rough around the edges and all the better for it. Enjoy.

    [h/t Breakbeat Lou ]

    BONUS: Diamond D — 45s Set Live at Plan B in London (2010) (VIDEO).

    Props dsquizzy5000

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