1. SEE, HEAR: Detroit’s Most Wanted’s “Detroit is Back” Music Video (1990).

    What up, Detroit? With the Lions 5-1 and Mr. Marshall Mather’s birthday going on today, we figured we would try and show the great city of Detroit some love. Digging through youtube, we came across this fresh, early ’90s video clip that we’re guessing is Detroit’s Most Wanted with some other local artists. (Anyone from Tha D who can shed light on this track, please holler at us in the Comments section). Highlights include an entire rap verse spit into a big-ass clunky cellular, lyrical mentions of Motown greats, and gangsta rappers posing next to a cop car while one of ’em takes a swig from a 40 in a brown paper bag. (Peace to terenceali for the upload.)

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