1. '80s Detroit Strip Club TV Commercials (VIDEO).


    Lawdhavemercy! Since none of us here at egotripland grew up in Detroit, this is our first time peepin' these spicy TV commercials for local strip clubs like Watts Club Mozambique that aired during The New Dance Show on WGPR Channel 62. Apparently, these racy spots ran in the afternoon! (Friends from Tha D, please confirm.)

    Although the ads themselves don't reveal too much flesh, they do boggle the mind with endless talk of "Freaky Butterfly" contests and face-offs between The Mercedes Ladies vs. The Romp Shakers . And, of course, no titty club experience would be complete without the plethora of unique exotic dancer names that change as often as the ladies change g-strings. Gotta love these aliases: Lil' 2 Much, Milki, Orange Crush, Boom Jet, Lethal Weapon, Tease Me, Quiet Storm, Chocolate Delux, Miss Kissable, Naughty By Nature, and Flavor Flavor.

    So give it up for these ladies... and don't forget to tip!

    (Props to aseagris for the upload)

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • not frank ocean

      the sexiest thing about this vid is the guys voice... nashty!