1. Dert Beats — E C L I P S E (ALBUM STREAM).


    Some of you will remember DertBeats’ mean flip of Pink Floyd’s “Money” from the producer’s West Side of the Moon . Now he embarks on another musical trek with the release of the full-length beat compilation E C L I P S E . The first two scorching leaks are down below.

    From the Press Release: E C L I P S E is a new voyage to the outer reaches of sound. A middle passage through varying stages of frustration, rage, depression, and heartache, eventually landing in a place of reconciliation. Wild loops, precise chops, and Dert’s signature bounce all set a course for the side of the moon few have seen, and this time we get to peer into the shadows a little deeper.

    UPDATE: Listen to E C L I P S E in its entirety.

    (Get E C L I P S E on unique, clear vinyl with black splatter here )

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