1. WATCH: Denmark Vessey - "That One Thai Joint" (Music Video).

    WATCH: Denmark Vessey – “That One Thai Joint” (Music Video).

    Simplicity exemplified in this latest clip from Denmark Vessey from Crown Nation : a locked off B&W shot of Denmark (accompanied by folks he possibly knows) smoking a cigarette and rapping on a Chicago storefront stoop as snow falls. Are they waiting on the bus? Frozen by the merciless winds whipping down N. Milwaukee? Is the sampled voice on the Scudone-produced "That One Thai Joint" even speaking Thai? Does it matter? Musically taut, it's all done no frills enough to evoke spontaneity yet well planned enough to feel properly executed. And at the risk of having misheard the final lines we'll quote them nonetheless: "The overall ethos/ We need to keep close/ And don't feed the beast that'll eat your soul."

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