1. WATCH: Denmark Vessey – “#TeamDirtyPiss” (Music Video).

    Denmark back. To date the Crown Nation-al’s #LeaklyWeeks video releases have largely been charmingly simple DIY affairs. The most musically adventurous offering yet, “#TeamDirtyPiss” – the second excellent anti-drug testing tune we’ve heard so far this year – kicks things up (and out) a notch with a lil’ technological jagged-ry from director/shooter/editor Mario “Khalif” Butterfield. DV’s grill gets broken up into a trifecta of shifting panels. He turns funhouse mirror two-headed. And there are intermittent stuttering edits. It’s all almost enough to distract you from the fact that DV rhymes in a quizzical Jamaican accent. And drops high-pitched “la la la’s” over Dre-esque piano plucks. Recommended.

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