1. WATCH: Denmark Vessey & Scud One — “Murder Raps” Music Video.

    For their latest video, Denmark Vessey and his potna Scud One take a break from reading the Chicago Tribune behind yellow police tape in an alley, to hit you over the head with some potent social commentary . The hook drives home the point that killing is still big business (and also manages to sustain a political edge): “5 o’clock News is murder/ Newport symbols is murder/Just like military coups is murder/ I said, a fuckin’ bag of Skittles is murder/ Neighborhood Watch is murder/ This ain’t Ja Rule this is murder.” Yup, these are cold raps for a cold world.

    Denmark: “‘Don’t tase me, bro!’ / Bet they won’t play this on the radio/ With the same content that they ‘scape me for/ Be the same shit they give an Oscar to Scorsese for — Murder.”

    [Via Nah Right ]

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