1. Denmark ft. Quelle Chris – “Green Party Swishercrat” (FREE DOWNLOAD).

    With his Crown Nation partner Quelle Chris making considerable noise as 2011 draws to a close, Denmark (a/k/a Denmark Vessey), shrewdly drops this new non-LP track featuring Quelle Chris. We’re gonna go out on a limb and venture to say that “Green Party Swishercrat” is not about political reform, or saving the environment. That is, unless your environment happens to be full of billowy clouds of blunt haze. With its Houstonian hook and percolating synth textures, “Green” is pretty undeniably addictive, whether one wakes n’ bakes on the regular or doesn’t even touch the stuff. Plus, we rather dig the way Denmark drops Family Ties references, rhyming “Michael J.’s Fooox” with “light a J, uuuup.” Pass dat, holmes. Listen below, DL, HERE .

    Denmark ft. Quelle Chris “Green Party Swishercrat” by Synergy Works

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