1. SEE, HEAR: Television Report on Def Jam (1987).

    While we were not able to find much info on this TV profile on Def Jam (which appears to be of European origin), we do know that Bill Adler , our good friend and original Director of Publicity for the world-renowned rap label , drops some serious quotables during his interview, which is preceded by a way too brief appearance by the Beastie Boys (who introduce themselves with conviction) and LL Cool J, who not surprisingly licks his lips while fielding questions. What’s really interesting — besides catching a glimpse of the old Def Jam offices — is Adler’s and Chuck D ‘s stance that rap music is rock ‘n’ roll.

    Says Adler: “We make rock ‘n’ roll. LL Cool J is rock ‘n’ roll. Run-DMC is rock ‘n’ roll. The Beastie Boys are rock ‘n’ roll. Public Enemy is rock ‘n’ roll. And the basis of my understanding of it as a student of rock ‘n’ roll going back into the ’50s and before that, we got the right attitude and we got the right beats. And it seems to me that anybody with a sense of history would jump over 10 Bon Jovi’s to get next to LL Cool J…. And yet we face a lot of resistance to that idea… The first requirement of rock ‘n’ roll is excitement and rebellion. And we’ve got those qualities in excess.”

    Chuck D: “Rock ‘n’ roll is only attitude. It’s not anything else. Rock is not guitars. Rock is attitude. And that’s one of the things I’m fighting for is that rap be viewed as rock ‘n’ roll. It’s not R&B. As a matter of fact, it has closer alliances to heavy metal than anything else. It’s attitude. And that’s what rap music is, especially my rap music…”

    Hear what else they had to say after the commercial break…

    (Props to ‪realhiphop3000‬ for the upload.)

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