1. Dead Prez & Sway Talk About the Nas Ghostwriting Rumor.


    It was a controversial topic just a few weeks ago. Whispers that Nas had utilized ghostwriters for his Untitled LP — namely Jay Electronica and stic.man — burned up the Internetz, causing all sorts of debate (and worry) amongst rap fans, Nas stans in particular were pictured crying into their pillows at night. Well, Sway asked Dead Prez on his morning show straight up about it and this is what they said. When posed with the question, stic replied, “Ghostwriting as far as somebody saying, ‘Come in and write my verse for me,’ like that — that didn’t happen."

    Meanwhile, M-1 was a little surprised by the reactions to the rumors: "It's funny how something like this can try and discredit an artist totally. Nas is a phenomenal artist. He's been the cornerstone of hip-hop for a whole generation. His movement is strong, he's amazing [and] he's as brilliant as he's ever been. So no matter what, whether he collaborated with somebody [or not]... that shouldn't be questioned at all... I feel this issue is trivial."

    And as if to prove how the whole thing was overblown, stic added facetiously, "We did ghostwrite our own album."

    The group also did a portion of their hit "Hip-Hop" and also talked about their new upcoming album.


    Dead Prez address the Nas ghostwriting rumor.

    Dead Prez do a bit of "Hip-Hop."

    Dead Prez talk "Dirty White Girl," answer listener call.

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      but as far as him saying, "I'll pay you a S#$% ton of money for some dope @ss rhymes, yeah, that mos definitely did!!!!" $$$$$