1. 3 Versions of De La Soul's "The Magic Number" (VIDEOS).


    3 is the magic number. Here are 3 videos for Replica Oakleys De La Soul Oakley Sunglasses Cheap Cheap Oakleys 's classic "The Magic Number" mixing graffiti, Michael Caine, and Schoolhouse Rock . What does it all mean? Peep to find out.

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    De La Soul — "The Magic Number" (MUSIC VIDEO).

    Fake Oakleys De La is MIA (missing in action, not chillin' with Will Smith) in this video for "The Magic Number" that utilizes the "1-2-3 Mix" by DMC Champion DJ/producer Chad Jackson of the UK. Graf representations of Plug 1, 2, and 3 act as fill ins while teens dance their collective asses off. Discount Oakley Sunglasses

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    The Italian Job vs. De La Soul (VIDEO).

    Replica Oakley Sunglasses We'll be the first to admit that pitting the De La classic with elements from the beloved 1969 British heist flick The Italian Job Cheap Oakley Sunglasses is more random that the quiz show questions on Knockoff Oakleys 3 Feet High and Rising Fake Oakley Sunglasses Replica Oakleys . But the magical combo of a pervy Benny Hill cameo, Mini Coopers running amok, and Sir Michael Caine and his mates singin' the Quincy Jones-produced "Getta Bloomin' Move On" (bka "The Self Preservation Society") blended with some Plug Tunin' makes this a real treat. Give this one a go and see if blows the bloody doors off, so to speak. Knockoff Oakley Sunglasses

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    Schoolhouse Rock vs. De La Soul (VIDEO).

    Knockoff Oakleys Since the original song borrowed from the vintage kid show soundtrack (amongst other sources), this third and final vid incorporating Cheap Oakley Sunglasses Schoolhouse Rock Replica Oakley Sunglasses only makes sense. Discount Oakley Sunglasses

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