1. SEE, HEAR: De La Soul Perform "Say No Go" in Finland (1990).


    Let's take a trip back to the D.A.I.S.Y. Age, shall we? A few flubbed lines aside, De La Soul goes for broke as they rock the city of Seinäjoki during the popular Provinssirock music festival all the way back two decades plus one year ago. The enthusiastic Finnish crowd joins in for a rousing rendition of the Hall & Oates hook while Pos and Dave seem to be having a great time (Maseo, meanwhile, is in deep concentration). The footage is very crisp, just pardon the abrupt ending, y'all.

    (Props to Greatile for the upload.)

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • swipe

      is that the R sitting on the stage? it really looks like him 1 minute in

    • egotrip

      Upon further inspection, nope, it is not the God.

    • hughphug

      nice man, saw these guys at Essex uni around 89, fucking love De La man, hands down the most consistently dope act in hip hop history