1. De La Soul - "Get Away feat. The Spirit of the Wu" (AUDIO).


    Interesting. One enduring rap group sonically referencing another enduring rap group. From their upcoming album You're Welcome . Wu-La-La!

    As Posdnous explained to Rolling Stone :

    "The feel is definitely gritty, hard and sounds like a Wu record, so out of inspirational respect, we included featuring 'The Spirit of the Wu' in the song title."

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    Above photo by Robbie Jeffers.
    [ 2DopeBoyz ]

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • http://twitter.com/petebone76 Pet E. Bone

      Really ill track. Can't wait for the album.

    • HughPhug

      been waiting fucking years for this album

    • http://www.egotripland.com/ ego trip


    • HughPhug

      remember they said Impossible Mission was a pre cursor to the new album, 2006 that dropped, been a long ass wait man

    • Winston

      Very nice. It's only right being that the Enter the 36 chamberz 20yr anniversary is this year. Can't wait for that either. Would be nice if Buck, 5, and Evil Dee would do something since they dropped that same year. Love the 9th and Buck collabos, but B. Moon need to get in the lab again with the 'minerz.

    • Saul Goodman

      I've always loved that interlude from disc 2 Wu Forever. Props to De la for flipping that proper

    • TED

      DE LA got the best stamina in rap.
      i wanna hear the background track from the pos in the studio clip.

    • SJ

      the De La brand is artistic integrity. Even the shout to Wu is classay.

    • criticalthinka

      It hurts my heart everytime I see da beatminerz on twitter droppin' these 'BEATS FOR SALE!' tweets in CAPS LOCK. Comin across like they some amateurs in the game while they have dropped nuthin but classics in the 90's.