1. The Day The Mexicanz Took Over

    Steal your hyna like I stole your bike.

    As the resident Mexican of egotriplandia (more like Chicano), I been asked to post some Cinco de Mayo fiesta fiesta , arriba arriba , andele type stuff for this day that’s muy especial . So without further ado, we present to you, random Mexicaness…

    Freddy Fender, real Mexican, real Mexican hair.

    Mas Bounce to the Ounce. How does it get that high? Mexican Power. Can’t forget the Oldies.

    Babe Ruth (fuck Ty Cobb).

    Salma still slammin’. So is she.

    Peckinpah + Patron = Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia .

    Deliquent Habits. Blaxicans are down wit’ us. So is South Park Mexican, Psycho Realm, and Cypress Hill.

    RATM—”People of the Sun” (OG Version). Plus, The Plugz and their amigo Phil Hartman (RIP, ese).

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