1. Day - "Mama Shelter" (AUDIO).


    Cali producer/remixer Cheap Oakley Sunglasses Day (a/k/a Oakley Sunglasses Cheap DJ Day Discount Oakley Sunglasses ) has been doing quality work for years - as anyone familiar with mid-'00s sample collage singles like "What Planet What Station" Fake Oakleys and "Gone Bad" Knockoff Oakley Sunglasses or his unofficial Cheap Oakley Sunglasses remix of Erykah Badu's "Honey" knows. With "Mama Shelter," a track from his forthcoming Cheap Ray Bans Land of 1000 Chances Fake Oakley Sunglasses LP, Day shows his skills at pairing disparate sampled sources undiminished. Knockoff Oakleys But here the emphasis isn't on b-boy friendly break-age but shifting moods, as a lilting French vocal gives way to a philosophical refrain ("Once you begin to make it/The harder it is to take it...") and a sparse final section. Listen below. Download it, HERE . Land of 1000 Chances drops February 12th via PL70. Cheap Oakleys

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