1. Dave Tompkins/Monk-One – “Get That Chestnut From the Grave” (Vocoder Mix).

    NEW IN BLOGZ: egotripland contributor Dave Tompkins (with some assistance from fellow etland friend, Monk-One ) delivers his latest vocoder-based audio adventure. “Get That Chestnut From the Grave” is this duo’s second collaborative DJ mix to promote DCT’s literary masterpiece, How To Wreck a Nice Beach – now available in paperback. It includes such noteworthy moments as, “the androgynous Prince clone, Juvenile’s bald–headed alien, the guy who claims he’s an iceberg, the UPS song, the Whispers, and a girl from New Orleans named Na’Tee saying, ‘Fuck Auto-Tune! Fuck a v-coder!’” Peep it, HERE .

    RELATED: Dave’s recent feature for Pitchfork about his recent spate of book promo globetrotting. Read it, HERE .

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