1. WATCH: Danny Brown - "Radio Song" (Music Video).

    WATCH: Danny Brown – “Radio Song” (Music Video).

    You know what's to luh about this Danny Brown XXX project (you know, besides the music)? Dude is still working the shit months and months after its initial release . Fuck all that "three days and your album's ancient history" nonsense. Put out something you can stand behind as a substantial piece of work and continue to showcase its merits. The way they used to do it in the old days! [*Old man voice*] (Hey, we can't wait to see him perform at "How Can I Be Down?" this week and "Jack The Rapper" next month.)

    Ironically enough, "Radio Song" finds Danny Brown (or, in the case of the music video, several Danny Browns) complaining about rappers blindly following the old ritual of trying to woo radio by recording broadcast friendly tunes. So screw tradition, and the horse it rode in on. Buy the deluxe edition of XXX with three new bonus tracks HERE and take a bite out of conformity.

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