1. WATCH: Danny Brown – “Monopoly” Music Video.

    Nice holiday season surprise, here. It’s Danny Brown’s latest music video – for “Monopoly” off the seemingly-topping-errybody’s-year-end-“best of” XXX – which arrives on the heels of the candles n’ smoke clouds-heavy, A$AP Rocky-directed clip for “Blunt After Blunt.” Rolling Stone – which premiered the vid earlier today – describes DB as a “weirdo Detroit MC.” Actually, we prefer the term, special. Special voice, special perspective, special talent. (Because last time we checked his haircut didn’t make the records.) Don’t try to adjust your set (or stick a clothes hanger out your firewire port) – those wavy lines you see aren’t poor reception, but the on-screen manifestation of the giddy joy that will inevitably sweep over you when you hear dude’s stuff. Just stay lucid enough to appreciate closing couplets like: “Still fuckin’ with them freak hoes/ Stank pussy smellin’ like ‘Cool Ranch’ Doritos.” Those who only fux wit’ Utz, beware!

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