1. Danny Brown x MNDSGN – “Sweeney Song” (AUDIO).

    From Sweeney Kovar – founder of the Classic Drug References music blog – comes a new Danny Brown featured track produced by MNDSGN. The song will be released on 7″ as part of a 3 x 45 box set, Classic Drug References Vol. 1 , featuring additional music by Ras G, Quelle Chris, Knx, Blu and Mike Chav, as well as a printed ‘zine. Cool concept, cool record. Listen below, and read on for some back story on how “Sweeney Song” came to be.

    Sweeney Kovar:

    I met House Shoes at Dilla’s funeral. During the latter half of 2007 I would frequently drive to Los Angeles from San Diego and spend the weekend at Shoes’ apartment on Barham Blvd. Shoes introduced me to much music and many people, including Danny Brown. I came over one Saturday and the first words out of his mouth when I opened the door were “Danny Brown.” He played me Detroit State of Mind and Detroit State of Mind 2 pretty much straight through, not allowing me to leave the couch until the tapes finished. All I kept thinking was who was this cat with the crazy voice and hedonistic sense of humor? I was on the fence on whether I loved it or hated it when I heard: hot like phoenix, three words for ya, kiss my penis. It was a wrap, Danny Brown was the shit.

    This was also around the time I was throwing shows on campus in San Diego through a student organization, basically booking cats I was listening to at the time. For the last show I organized as an undergrad I got my biggest budget yet and brought down a motley crew of performers: Ras_G, Samiyam, Knxwledge, House Shoes, Gaslamp Killer, Invincible and Danny Brown.

    After the show I drove Danny up to LA for an in-store at Fat Beats (RIP) that Shoes had lined up. Mochilla’s Suite For Ma Dukes concert was the next night and Danny was in the balcony seats with his folks, wildin’ when “Take Notice” got the orchestral treatment. Danny’s trip was supposed to last a week but I think he spent almost three months in LA before going back to the D.

    Danny was my longshot for this project. By the time I got moving on this he’d already signed with Fool’s Gold and was about to drop XXX, which would establish him as one of the fiercest MC’s out. I emailed and DM’d to no avail. One day I decided to try something really crazy and picked up the phone and called him. The stars were aligned and a rapper actually answered his phone. In all of two minutes he agreed to cut a track. I emailed him a .zip of beats I’d culled from the homies and about a week later I got a sendspace link entitled “SWEENY SONG.” He had taken a Mndsgn beat and absolutely ripped it to shreds. It’s been so long since he cut it that it now sounds like vintage Danny Danny to me, which of course I love. I fixed the typo in the title and ran with it.

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