1. Danny Brown — “#HottestMC” (Prod. by Harry Fraud) (AUDIO).

    (Photo: Joseph Mohan)

    Mr. Danny Brown reacts to MTV’s much-talked-about hottest rappers in the game list (not to be confused with ego trip’s hottest rappers list ) with some cotdamn heat over the grand sounds of el Harry Fraud .

    Danny Brown “#HottestMC” Lyrics (Please help us fill in missing lines):

    “Fuck any rapper rappin’ if the nigga ain’t dappin’ / Show respect, I’m the greatest/ Old shit’ll kill your latest/ I don’t give a fuck if you got a billion dollars/ Your rhymes are cheap, you’re releasing poor product/ You’re a servant in my world/ The rap gods curse you/ When Judgment Day’s upon you, reality is a virtue/ I walked a thousand miles, reciting a hundred rhymes/ Brought smiles to faces, place labels on me from ???? / I don’t give a fuck, a dirty Detroit nigga / Ain’t got the bud but show up with a Swisher ass nigga./ Say, bitch, I’m still hungry, they actin’ like I made it / I ain’t make it til my mama fuckin’ sittin’ on some acres/ I’m a mutahfuckin’ threat in the booth, these niggas know/ Poet of the century, decades later they quote it/ Deserve a Nobel Peace Prize for what I recite/ Incite a riot with the speech, I’m Detroit Red on ecstasy/ Sores on my scalp because my last perm burnt me/ Hair straight, jumpin’ head first in an orgy/ With a pool of blonde ho’s, sniffin’ on that white shit/ So much Caucasian pussy startin’ to think that I’m mixed/ But I be writin’ next shit, have you rappers pissed / Like, ‘How did he think of this? I wish I thought of that shit’ /Rhymes so real thought I wrote it in Janis Joplin’s vomit/ With the mic GG Allin wiped his ass with…”

    “I carry the cross for anybody lost but finding the rhyme/ Days of no sunshine like a maze in my mind/ No enter, I’m exit/ Adderall anorexic/ Pill poppin’ dyslexic/ Naughty Nature Treach shit/ I think about my next line like you think of your next dime/ I’m the future and the present same damn time/ An O.G. told me, ‘You only nice as your last bar’/ So with that said, Suck my dick all y’all/ The Motor City where motormouths get impounded / I’m overseas, Australia, lookin’ for the blondest/ Ksubi jeans, Ann Demeulemeester/ And she like my shoes, so I put it in her keyster/ It’s the Hybrid like I wrote it on papyrus/ Keep the shit on me, nigga, hood rat baby diaper/ They heatin’ up Caprices like a D.C. sniper/ Raised off of hot dogs down the middle slice ’em / I’m hotter than Andre Rison with Left Eye / Rest in peace, baby, but no TLC in my life/ And when I reach my fate and I’m standin’ at the gates/ Know that God’ll be proud, sayin’ ‘Daniel you was great’/ But you other niggas, Pac said he want an explanation/ Big turned in his grave, an earthquake in Grenada/ When Pun shed a tear, hurricane for a week / When Big L get upset start tornado-ing trees…”

    [Via Pitchfork ]

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