1. Danny Brown: Bill Murray > Billy Crystal (VIDEO).


    The affable Danny Brown gives some side-splittin' commentary when determining whether or not a wide range of random subjects are overrated or underrated. His take on North Korea? "Shit, them niggas is underrated. We better quit playin' with them niggaz. I ain't underestimating them niggaz. They got nuclears, cuz... Don't test them." How 'bout cereal? Mr. Brown thinks the breakfast staple is mad overrated: "I don't eat anything that gets soggy. I don't get that theory: I got to rush to eat this shit before it get bad? And if you like soggy cereal then we not friends." Watch him also breakdown "Skinemax," cats, baths, and Billy Crystal, you'll be glad you did.

    [Via Pitchfork ]

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