1. Listen to D'Angelo's "Headphone Highlights" Show For RBMA Radio (AUDIO).


    Amidst the Interwebz-breaking D'Angelo 's first LP in fourteen years, Black Messiah , has caused comes this: a RBMA Radio interview with the elusive Mr. Archer that I had the pleasure of conducting in which he discusses some of his most profound musical influences and favorite recordings. These would include gospel quartet sides by the Pilgrim Jubilees and The Violinaires (and the latter's featured vocalist Robert Blair - who he describes as the "James Brown of gospel"), how the lineage of funk singing can be divided between the "squallers" that emulated Sly Stone and the divergent vocal mechanics of The Gap Band's Charlie Wilson (and his stylistic heir, Guy's Aaron Hall ), the relevance of Otis Redding to funk, his appreciation of Marley Marl 's "The Symphony," and how he finds Marley's production pocket reminiscent of Buddy Miles ' drum pocket with Jimi Hendrix's Band of Gypsys .

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