1. Go Inside Dan Lish’s Sketch Book & Watch Him Draw Prince Paul (VIDEO).

    Dan Lish says: I’m currently creating a series of illustrations based on hip-hop creators, artists, legends and individuals that have inspired or intrigued me over the past 30 years. My focus is on their uniqueness, human fragility and creativity. This project happened in a very organic way, not at all planned. I commute to my regular occupation in London as a senior concept artist for the video game industry and whilst on the train I like to keep myself entertained by sketching in little black books. I’ve been creating drawings on my train journeys for about four years. This is the time when my mind can wander, a stream of consciousness begins and things happen. I love crafting a vision, a thought in lines. I work directly in ink pen to paper. The main challenge comes from the wobbly train journey, often packed with stressed out commuters.

    Directed by Bret Syfert . Music by Aidan Orange .

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