1. Damu The Fudgemunk’s
    10 15 20(!) Favorite
    Sample Flips Quick Mix For ego trip (AUDIO).


    To commemorate Damu The Fudgemunk 's participation in our Favorite Sample Flips series , the Washington D.C. boardsman/emcee went all out. Not only did he share analysis of not 10, not 15, but 20 of his favorite sample flips (read it, HERE ), but he put together a special mix of his picks as well. Check it out and read more from Damu, below.

    Damu The Fudgemunk says: This is music that I cherish and enjoy. I take pride in having these records in my collection. Please do you your research and dig deeper into the catalogs of each artists to keep their music alive. Much respect to the talent and efforts of all the people who were a part of these songs. Thank you for listening.

    ( Download )

    (Stay tuned for your chance to win a cassette version of this mix coming soon courtesy of Redefinition.)

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      Much respect to Chairman Mao and all the good folks at EGOTRIP. Thanks again for the platform.

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      Damu is the last of a dying breed. DJ/Digger/Producer...