1. WATCH: Dam-Funk’s Live Tribute to J-1 at Funkmosphere.

    From last Monday’s Funkmosphere party in LA, the boogie and modern funk weekly hosted by Dam-Funk, comes this moving tribute: Dam singing live in homage to friend and Master Blazter band-mate Jovan “J-1” Coleman, who passed away unexpectedly last Sunday in Sweden . Though the clip, courtesy Jessie Seepersaud/@iamseeps, may have been shot in low light its spirit suffers no shortage of power, as Dam delivers his own personalized lyrics dedicated to The Deer (as the talented producer/drummer/DJ was also known to friends) over the instrumental of the S.O.S. Band’s melancholy classic, “Tell Me If You Still Care.” Jovan “J-1” Coleman, a/k/a The Deer, RIP.

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