1. AUDIO: Dam-Funk - "Spiritual Flight" Gospel Funk Mix (The full un-edited presentation).


    With the holiday season upon us it's as good a time as any to enjoy this gospel boogie-funk mix from Dam-Funk - which has for the first time now been made available in its complete and unedited original incarnation.

    As Dam explains: "In 2009, I quietly recorded an 'all Gospel based, Boogie-Funk' mix for Stones Throw. That mix was released as one of their many podcasts, but was 'cut down' due to bandwidth rules on the record label's site. Well, here as I had promised (as a gift for all & after being repeatedly asked by many friends whom connected with my creativity, while on the road, about this full version) is the entire 'un-edited' recording to coincide with your holiday seasons festivities & listening pleasures in 2011 & beyond."

    So funksters keep on funkin' 'cause it won't be too long... until the holidays officially start.

    DāM-FunK's ~ Spiritual Flight [The full un-edited presentation] by DâM-FunK

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