1. WATCH: “Culture Hip Hop à New-York” French Documentary (1994).

    Is there a Style Wars for the ’90s? Aside from Juice , Yo! MTV Raps , Video Music Box , and the excellent, elusive Wrekin Shop Live From Brooklyn , there are few slice of life depictions of what hip-hop was really like in New York during the revered early ’90s (or at least we can’t think of too many others at this hour). But then we luckily stumbled across this gem of a French documentary from 1994 that in 45 glorious minutes gives you: Devious Doze doing a burner while Jamalski poplocks! Greg Tate pontificating! Wu-Tang wu-ing it up! Lord Jamar freestyling! Lil’ Vicious wreckin’ the stage! Lifers Group interviewed in prison! Plus (if that wasn’t enough already) Chuck D , Guru , Supernatural , The Last Poets , Bambaataa all in the house! And, of course, real live Black people in New York! Feelin’ so goddamn ’90s right now. That’s right. No’ H.A.M. on our plate. Strictly fish on our dish, god. Beliedat .

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