1. Culturama 5 (Underground Rap Video Series, 2004) (VIDEO).


    Another episode from Peter Agoston’s collection.

    Peter says: By 2004, with the release of Culturama 5, things had evolved to where I was receiving more video submissions and I was touring the collections as music video festivals. Influenced by the Super 8 and experimental film fests I dug during my years living on the West Coast. I'd say this is my contribution to that. I toured the videos in '03-04 in Japan, Europe, UK, Ireland, Canada and North America a lot (with a bunch of stories from those trips as well). But the first place I ever projected them was at at the Laemmle Theatre on Beverly/Fairfax in Los Angeles. This video is from my last festival screened there. I had a great friend who used to work there, named Michelle Cartier, who helped me set those L.A. screenings up...this has also never been streamed online, re-released in any format, and really only sold briefly to a couple of spots and hand to hand. With one copy each sent to the label, direct or artist that lent their video for usage. It truly was an art-project moonlighting as a labor of love. That being said it shows an impressing cross-section of no-budget to mo' budget 'indie' hip-hop music videos of the time. I feel like Themselves, El-P, Madvillian, Sole, and my personal fav, Nelia, were all rather cutting edge. The one I am most sentimental about by far is my brother Attila's color Super 8 film he set to J Rawls (featuring Fat Jon on flute), "The Black Brigade of Cincinnati (Outcome)," which he filmed in in Kathmandu, Nepal. Also, the MF DOOM video, as I visited him and producer 'The Prof' during the production of the song at D&D Studios OG location. Also, Dumi of Zimbabwe Legit was my first mentor in music. .... There is a respectable low-fi charm to the Frek Sho and Infinito ones..... Definitely a time capsule for the genre during the dark, doubtful & paranoid George W. Bush Years.

    Transferred from the original master (a DVD-R and MiniDV) safely lost in a box until now. Culturama vol 5 is the least distributed/sold (only 50 VHS and 50 DVD-R’s made)

    Track List:

    Hollywood Culturama Rap Music Video Festival Intro
    01. Madvillian - All Caps
    02. Mr Lif - Return of the B-Boy
    03. Prophetix - Gotcha
    04. Diverse feat. Lyrics Born & RJD2
    05. Defari - Spell My Name
    - Good Brothers - Give It Here (Acey, Ahmad, Pep Luv)
    06. Ellay Khule - Faces of Death
    07. Abstract Rude - All Day
    08. Nelia - Vertical Trees With Horizontal Leaves
    09. Sweatshop Union
    10. J Rawls feat. Fat Jon - The Black Brigade of Cincinnati (Outcome)
    11. Thes One & Giant Panda - Shine One
    12. Time Machine - A Million And One Things To Do
    13. Kirby Dominant feat. DJ Murge - Know What You Got
    14. King Solomon feat. J Rawls - Life Changes
    15. Mars Ill - Breathe Deep
    16. Frek Sho - Rouge Fort
    17. Storm The Unpredictable - Stop Lyin'
    18. Infinito - 2017
    19. MF Doom - Favorite Ladies
    20. El-P - Deep Space 9mm
    21. 2Mex - Seconds Ago
    22. Themselves - Poison Pit
    23. Sole - Salt On Everything
    - 3rd Annual Hollywood Culturama Rap Music Video Festival Bonus Addition: Manifest - Life of Grindin' (Humboldt County)
    24. Zimbabwe Legit - Doin' Damage (In Our Native Language)

    Mo’ Bonus:
    "Moving In Strange Directions" / Joe Quixx & MF Doom: a short shot/edited by filmmaker Spygirl as a promo we did for "Special Herbs 3" on Female Fun Records in 2003.
    Jason X - Booty Clap (ADULTS ONLY)

    (Hi8 video clips between videos shot by Peter Agoston)

    [Via GRNDGD ]

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