1. Culturama 4: "Fakeality” (Underground Rap Video Series, Circa 2002) (VIDEO).


    Big up to Peter Agoston who put this together, a cool collection of hip-hop videos strung together with interludes, like Del talking about PlayStation.

    Track List:

    Abstract Rude & ATU - Stop Bitin'
    Aceyalone Accapella Outro (feat. Moka Only, Ab Rude & Swollen Members' Prevail)
    Del @ Home (1999)
    Del - If You Must
    Kwame Dance Interlude
    Motion Man & Kut Masta Kurt - Come On
    Dose One @ Slims cutting up stuffed animals (2002)
    Dominant Mammals (Kirby Dominant & Moka Only) - Fresh & Dope
    Mighty Casey - White Girls
    Mr. Complex - Underground Up
    Main Source - Old School Piece From Back When
    Rasheed & Ill Advised -
    Unspoken Heard - Truly Unique
    Lexicon - Makin Music
    Non Phixion - Rock Stars
    Peter Agoston & Wendy Morgan - Live @ The Hip Hop Show in LA (2002)
    Busdriver - Imaginary Places
    Mad Doctor X Video
    Pip Skid - Hypochrondriac
    Quasimoto - Good Morning Sunshine
    Scarub (Living Legends) - Saavy Traveler
    Raw Produce - Cycles

    [Go to GRNDGD to read more about this]

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