1. Culturama 2 (Underground Rap Video Series, 2000) (VIDEO).

    Props once again to Peter Agoston.

    Peter says: I can remember selling these to a few video rental spots in both California and Oregon. It always felt super gratifying that people could go in and rent my VHS, take it home, enjoy some Rap videos and return it for someone else to rent and repeat. Ahh, some ’90s shit. It was available to rent at Clinton Street Video in Portland, OR – which is still in business to this day. If you live around there, go by and see if they still have it. Also, enjoy a grilled cheese at Dots and say hi to my ex-boss Craig Moerer (“Records by Mail”) around the corner. He fired my ass for talking on my cell phone (to Mr. Complex so that I could get the “Visualize” music video for ‘Culturama vol 1.’) At the time, I was probably 19-20. I can remember going around to some international video retailers in Portland, spots that sold feature films on VHS from India, Asia, Russia to grab their disregarded used, empty hard-cases. I’d make my own covers and slip them through the plastic sleeve. So if you ever bought these in spots like Amoeba Records or Aaron’s in L.A. or Fifth Element or Fat Beats on VHS in a hard-case, they were recycled from other businesses’ tossed-out cases.

    Many of the artists on this particular tape became close friends and collaborators over the years. I’m sure some of them might cringe a little at the ancient footage but it most definitely is a vivid snap-shot in time of all these guys. So, especially to the filmed subjects, I wanna shout out Kirdy Dominant, Dose, Sole, Sixtoo, Alias, PUTS, Oliver Wang, Zion I, The Coup and my good friend from that time Hannah Harding.

    Track List:

    Willus Drummond — L.A. Vacation
    Doseone & Kirby Dominant (At some pirate radio station in Portland, OR, 1999)
    Konceptual Dominance — Self-Titled
    Sixtoo, Alias & Sole (Oakland, CA, 1999)
    Sole — Bottle of Humans
    Zion I (Berbatti’s Pan basement in Portland, OR, 1999)
    Zion I – Revolution
    People Under The Stairs (Deep Concentration Tour stop in Seattle, venue: unknown, circa 1999/2000)
    Cali Agents – Good Life
    O-Dub (90.7FM KALX)
    DJ Pam The Funkstress (Portland, OR, circa 1999/2000)
    The Coup – Me & Jesus The Pimp in a ’79 Granada Last Night

    (Peter Agoston shot all the interlude/freestyle footage)

    [Via GRNDGD ]

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