1. Creestal — Difference (ALBUM STREAM).

    A rather excellent effort by producer Creestal all the way from Marseille, France that took us by surprise (and that you should immediately download for free). Creestal unloads an insane barrage of sonic crack that he calls “Smooth Creeminal Beats,” which are expertly supported by choice dialog from flicks like 80 Blocks From Tiffany’s and random rap records. This is not to be slept on. We repeat, do not count sheep or saw any logs.

    Munchie Records says: Creestal captured the essence of a historic era like no other on his new album. Brainstorming from September 2013 with a heavy amount of crate diggin’, Creestal tracked down some of the most dusty, raw, forgotten songs you would probably find in a sunken cellar or forsaken attic. He chopped and slashed each record to provide them with a second life but… not once did he compromise their original nature.

    This body of work is not your typical “throw a bunch of unreleased beats in a zip file and make it for download” project. Creestal set himself free from the average beat maker’s path. This 40-minute long LP is a unique trip into the dark and rugged America, similar to a vintage series you would see on your TV screen. Each track is a musical episode that could easily be used for an original soundtrack to a documentary on the social struggle. Difference is a complete audio visual experience. The live performance of Difference will take you far away from basic beat shows. It will take you to the very root of what gave birth to hip-hop.


    (Props to José Baracas)

    Creestal — “Difference" (MUSIC VIDEO).

    Footage from Koyaanisqatsi (1982). Directed by Godfrey Reggio.

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