1. "Crate Diggers" - DJ Toomp's Vinyl Collection (VIDEO).


    DJ Toomp got his start as the teenaged turntable technician behind ATL hip-hop legend MC Shy-D, and eventually went on to produce hits for the likes of Jay-Z, Kanye, T.I. ("What You Know" - what!) and others. Here, he gives Fuse's cameras a few moments with his record collection - largely of the classics variety - and discusses everything from Barry White's 007 steez to his first encounter with groupies on the road with Shy-D and 2 Live Crew. Toomp also shares some words of advice on digging through dirty basements for vinyl in the presence of, ahem, pests. Says Toomp: "You gotta make sure you don't take an album with roach eggs in 'em because if you don't have roaches in your house they could get through there with the fuckin' record. I actually bought a tape deck from a pawn shop one time that had roaches in it... Yeah. We had to get some real work done."

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