1. Is This Evidence That Craig Mack Joined a Cult? (VIDEO).


    A year and some months ago, MediaTakeOut ran a story alleging that Craig Mack had joined a cult in Walterboro, South Carolina – living on a compound against members of his family’s wishes. As evidence, MTO cited an audio clip featuring the former Bad Boy Records rapper condemning his past life of “wickedness” amidst the sermonizing of one Brother R. G. Stair – whom MTO described in its story as “an 82-year-old American radio preacher” and “a convicted sex offender.” Where the truth lies, we don’t know. But it looks like there was some kind of video of the whole episode all along – of Brother Stair dismissing Wikipedia information regarding Craig as “wiki-pig,” declaring the old Craig Mack “dead” and espousing his newfound righteousness while what appears to be Craig himself hops up and down, his hands raised upwards. Is it legit? Again, who knows. But if you, like us, slept on all this, watch below and read on for the response to MTO’s report by YouTube user “tlink1463,” who uploaded the video.

    UPDATE NEW VIDEO ADDED: Craig Mack Rapping For The Overcomer Ministry (VIDEO).


    There are lots of things said on the internet by people who work for the dark side. What you need to do is to look for the truth. Where is the court records that show what they say? How come this so called sex offender is not locked up or even on any list? Do they even know what they are talking about? Why did the Supreme Court of South Carolina put an end to all suits against this man? Seek and you shall find.

    [h/t Andreas Vingaard]

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