1. Count Stackswell — Droppin' Soul Gems Vol. 1 (AUDIO).


    Vintage funk and soul mix to make you feel good all over. Another Grand Good discovery.

    UPDATE: Just hearing the sad news that Stackswell, also known as The Gaffler, passed away a few days ago. May he rest in peace.

    Count Stackswell — Droppin' Soul Gems Vol. 1 Track List:

    1. Those Were the Days
    2. What's Happening Now
    3. Do You Have It All Together
    4. Ghost Of Love
    5. We Got Time Pt. 2
    6. I'm Back For More
    7. Just A Minute of Your Time
    8. I Want Your Lovin'
    9. Deep In Your Heart
    10. Edge Of Daybreak
    11. Chocolate Coated Peoples' Song
    12. What's Wrong With People

    [Via GRNDGD ]

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