1. AUDIO: "Cosmo Baker's Top 10 Mix #12" (Free Download).


    Anyone that knows the name Cosmo Baker knows the man can bring out the good vibes to any dance floor. And that's what exactly he does here in his latest, fun-time mix, which seamlessly blends every genre but the kitchen sink, from funky disco to house to vintage Bowie to Frank Ocean to beyond.

    Cosmo writes: Back after a bit of a hiatus, here we are again with another Cosmo Baker Top Ten Mix. New thing: No more will it be labeled after the month, but now just in numeralogical order, from #12 and onward. A Baker’s Dozen of tunes that I am feeling right now from across the board, with a little of this and a little of that. Friends from Chicago, Boston, Vancouver, Toronto and even Saskatchewan helped contribute to this one… And I hope that you enjoy it!

    [Via cosmobaker.com ]

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