1. CONTEST: Win an Autographed Copy of Lord Finesse's "Art of Diggin': Blue Note State of Mind" Flexi-Disc.

    Ego Trip Flexi

    UPDATE: This giveaway is now over. Congrats to Andy R on his winning answer. Thanks to all for participating & keep checking back for future contests.

    "CRATE DIGGAS" & FUNKY PEOPLE, YOUR ATTN PLEASE: Yesterday, we interviewed the great Lord Finesse about his 10 Favorite Sample Flips . Today, we are pleased to announce the chance for one lucky egotripland reader to win an autographed copy of Lord Finesse’s latest release courtesy of our friends at Slice-of-Spice Records . The Art of Diggin: Blue Note State of Mind promo flexi-disc 7" features two stupendous productions by D.I.T.C.'s "Underboss" utilizing classic Blue Note Records' breaks. "Electric Sensation" is an instrumental re-interpretation of A Tribe Called Quest's "Electric Relaxation" and its sample source, Ronnie Foster's "Mystic Brew"; "Down Here Around the Corner" will be familiar to fans of ATCQ's "Vibes & Stuff" and Grant Green's "Down Here On the Ground." Slice-of-Spice did a special run of 150 blue colored copies of this flexi-disc, which are now completely SOLD OUT. GONE. FINIS. But read on for your chance to win one of these beauties.


    To win an autographed copy of Lord Finesse’s "Electric Sensation"/"Down Here Around the Corner" promo flexi-disc, simply TELL US WHY YOU MUST HAVE THIS PRIZE.

    Add your answer to the Comments Section of this post only (not accepting answers on The Twitter or Facebook no mo’, lazybonezes). PLEASE remember to include a VALID EMAIL ADDRESS (not in your comment, but tied to your user ID – that is, unless you luh spam or something). Once we get an answer we like, we’ll pick a winner. Good luck!

    AND DON'T FORGET: Lord Finesse's two new mixtapes - Art of Diggin' Vol. 1: The Grind, The Hustle , and Art of Diggin' Vol. 2: Blue Note State of Mind are on sale now!

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • http://- PatLaRock

      Beacause the guys that wrote my two favorite books ever are giving it away!

    • http://@wreckedangle wreckedangle

      I NEED this Finesse piece. Dude has been the best producer on the mic since the beginning. The punchline king. Beats nastier than anyone. Dude is ultra smooth. It's tough copping Finesse pieces in Canada and I know this shit is already gone so it would be PERFECT for me. Know that if I get this joint, it'll be in the hands of one of Finesse's biggest supporters, although I know every fool is sayin the same shit to ya. DITC for life, Finesse is definitely the most underrated and needs to COME BACK!!

    • http://soundcloud.com/jenome Jim Boogie

      Wearing pro keds with crazy fat shoe strings

    • http://www.junkdrawerds.com Giuseppe

      I need this so i can open the windows of my brooklyn apartment and school these fools

    • keatso

      I must have this as it will make a fine addition to my Crate Digging/vinyl themed man cave here in LA. As a New York native, I have fond memories of bumping into both Finesse ("excuse me, are you "an underground favorite"?) and Qtip at spots like the Roosevelt Record shows and A1 Records. Back in the day I used to carry a pocket 35mm and my pics of both of these dudes simply didn't develop...of course you had no idea until you got the pics back from the fotomat! Look out for this analog head, I just plugged in my 808 and I would love to add this to my collection...it would make my LA home..home.

    • J.L.

      Well, I din't need it but I want it because as we all know...Lord Finesses is in effect cuz he rhyme hard, looks good, flows smooth, yeah the whole nine yard...


    • J.L.

      Well, I don’t need it but I want it because as we all know…Lord Finesse is in effect cuz he rhyme hard, looks good, flows smooth, yeah the whole nine yard…


    • keatso

      *plus: it's a 7 inch? I can put this in my JUKEBOX and bump it as I lounge, the way this should be heard.

    • http://hoverock.com Carlos Alcantara

      The real question is why you must give me this prize. The real answer is because i gave up stealing to concentrate on eating pizza. Full Time!

    • http://www.facebook.com/jasonzotos dahkter

      top 3 reasons:
      - it'll match my muppet show clear blue flexidisc
      - I'm a true head that spent two years of my life restoring/remixing DJ Too Tuff's Lost Archives
      - cause Finesse is good people and I want to represent when I go out and spin (yes, I still carry around a milk crate full of gems)

    • LoLo

      I definitly need this! Why ? Because all of my friends got one too! They laughed and pointing fingers at me everytime we meet and begin putting heads togehter and speaking about me. Thats hard for me and YOU can stop that! ...Noooo, just kidding, I just love the real good hip hop and real good music in generall so it would be nice to have this piece of fresh music in my collection. :)

    • Manu


      I need this to school the people in Spain, where i live, about the true meaning and flavor of real Hip Hop. Here they don´t know too much about real hip hop and it´s roots so it would be nice to show em where the gold is.

    • rpcl317

      Simply stated, Lord Finesse is the man that I have to hear.

    • Anthony S.

      Actual Facts. I think I should win 'cause I'm gonna Save That Shit. I'm Hip 2 Da Game...+ I enjoy Diggin' In The Crates. My Gameplan is No Gimmicks, but if some other dude wins; Fuck 'Em.

    • wayne

      cos im livin gigantic an im the best goddammit!!!

    • nickc78

      I must have this record because it is blue and Lord Finesse is God and for some reason it makes me think of Sun Ra's Some Blues But Not The Kind That Is Blue.

    • cat_1948

      I need this as I'm the only true fan of Finesse in CIS countries, own a lot of releases from him that cost me some good money and i think that i deserve something for free at least once. Thanx in advance.

    • Ghost of Christmas Present

      So here I am the Ghost of Christmas present, like everyone else is this shitty present, out of a job. I had one a month change ago, but its this wack "seasonal" bull. Those fools Ghost of Christmas Past and Ghost of Christmas Future get to travel all through time to throw back times when Don Cornelius was the doin his thing conductin the Soul Train and in the future to hear dope needle drops that we can't even fathom. Instead we got no Soul Train and no Brother Don. Let me get at this record so I can have something to show when I see those punk-ass ghosts when they come around here again in 11 months.

    • http://twitter.com/kronlives KRON

      As a kid growing up in the early 90's in Des Moines, Iowa I had to really do my research on Hip Hop, and generally I couldn't find a lot of records I was after at my local stores. This was before the internet flipped the game on it's head. I would scour the stores for Hip Hop records and anytime I was out of town I would hit up all the stores there too. I used to hear Lord Finesse's name in rap songs all the time, but could never find his records. Since the intenet though I've been able to acquire his work. Hook it up for us kids in the middle of nowhere who didn't have access to a majority of the fly ish until much much later in life.

    • http://Ovrabndnc.com WoOptee

      I need this because then I can prove to everyone here in Minnesota once and for all exactly why Finesse id not only the Greatest MC of All Time but also the most Underrated and iLL producer in history. Nobody is as well rounded as Finesse, rhymes, beats & he even throws down ill DJ sets wit crazy breaks! C'mon son :-/ I needta play this to ppl to prove they have no business tryin to claim they can rap or make beats, but never heard of D.I.T.C. :-| GTFOH


      I need this joint 'cause - Finesse be slammin' suckers-
      when hes not on the mic,
      hes making more moves than a dance instructor!
      he's out to make large figures,
      you could be a casino dealer, and STILL couldnt pull his fucking card, nigg*!

    • 123jeffc

      I would love to win cause Slice of Spice releases are are the shit!

      Good luck everybody!

    • Andy R

      I need this because like Finesse, I have pursued a career which has proven to be my calling in life (working as a high school English teacher and College Counselor in Trenton public schools). To me, DITC is the true embodiment of hip hop and while I am now a 31 year old "aging b-boy" as my students put it, I feel I have done my small part in educating them on how this beautiful art form can continue to inspire. Hip Hop is a way of life, and Finesse embodies the very best of why I have loved this music so much ever since I first heard Funky Technician as an 11 year old living in Bushwick.

    • robbie

      'cos my 6 year old nephew stood on my Funky Technician LP & broke it a few months back, I've just recently started to speak to him again!
      At least I wouldn't have the same problem with this flexi!

    • Danny

      I need this because the last flexi-disc I got came in a magazine for free back in the 80s. Plus they make a interesting wobbly noise when you shake them.