1. Win Free Tickets to an EPIC Night of '70s Soul This Sunday In LA (12.16.12).


    Well, hot damn. Repeat. Hot-damn . For years our homies at ArtDontSleep have been putting out not only great music but great music events on the left coast that have geographically challenged us and left us over here, well, jealous. This Sunday's '70s soul-stravaganza is no exception. Only exceptional, as usual. The performing line-up of Seu Jorge , Zap Mama , Alice Russell , Spacek , Coco O. (of the Danish duo Quadron) will join The Miguel Atwood-Ferguson Ensemble in saluting the timeless compositions of too many to list from that most revered era of black music. Oh, and there will be DJ sets by The Umoja Sound System and some dude named Questlove.   AND IF YOU ARE IN LA YOU CAN WIN 2 TICKETS TO THIS EVENT.




    • In order to enter the contest, JUST TELL US WHY YOU MUST HAVE THIS PRIZE.
    • Add your answer to the Comments Section of this post only (we’re not accepting answers on The Twitter or Facebook knawmean?).
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    ArtDontSleep presents: That 70's Soul

    WHERE: The Mayan Theater, 1038 South Hill Street, Los Angeles, CA., 90015, (213) 746-4674
    WHEN: Sunday, December 16, 2012, 6pm
    HOW: Presale Tickets: www.ArtDontSleep.com,
    25$ Early Bird | 30$ General Admission | 35$ Door Entry (21 + Wiser) Presale tickets also available at The Art Forum Studio, 701 E. 3rd St., Los Angeles, CA 90013, (213) 613-1050

    In the meantime, ArtDontSleep have thoughtfully provided a playlist of the nights events, as well as some background on the participating performers. Good luck!

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • RiZa

      Im an avid follower of this site, and with that I've been joining giveaways for LA shows, like "east side story" and "flavors 5,"and it'd be really nice to win at least once (best holiday gift ever lol!). I spazzed out when I found out about this show, but unfortunately I've been so broke these dayzzz I can't afford a ticket *insert sad face here* I really hope you guys pick me, so even if the world does end according to the Mayans, I can say to myself, "It's okay, at least you've been to That 70s Soul."

    • Secaps

      Why I must have it? Are you kidding me?!?! There are places like funkmosphere, funky sole, rootdown, etc..but this will be the mad note because the mayan is one big spot for everyone to get on the good foot. This will be perfect to end fall semester Being that this is finals week for my self. Yeah, yeah, most of us are broke student folk but hot damn! If that line up does not get you hype then some thing is wrong with you. I wanna be there to have some drinks, find some cyphers to catch wreck, and to dance with some women. Good ol fun to some of the freshest music.

    • deseptakon

      One of my girlfriend's favorite artists is Shuggie Otis and we had to miss his show last week at the Echoplex because she came down with some really bad food poisoning. She was pretty down about it because she got the tickets the day that they went on sale. Also, her birthday is on the 16th (no joke) and this would blow her mind if I got her tickets to this. If I got these tickets we'd probably end up getting married and I would name my firstborn Ego Trip. Also, I still have a copy of Ego Trip's The Big Book of Racism on my bookshelf... and it's not like you get to see Seu Jorge or Leon Ware that often either. For real though, if I got these tickets you'd make me look like the Max Julien of boyfriends that night... and that is why I must have these tickets.

    • MMD

      ...cause I know I got Soul. if I didn't I wouldn't be in here...

    • Alwyslet

      This is the music I grew up listening to. Some of the artists that are going to be represented here were apart of my first introduction to vinyl; music that I was excited about coming home to after school. Today this music speaks to me more so than any other genre out there. It's supremely nurturing to my soul and takes me back to this pure place whenever I'm feeling down and going through the struggles of life. It makes it even better that it's Miguel Atwood Ferguson and his crew. Man, I've been so honored to see him at his Suite for Ma' Dukes show and most recently the East Side Story. This cat can do no wrong. He's been such a great influence for the LA music scene and it's beautiful that he's doing it yet again. His music elevates and puts you in a place where you feel really amazing and at peace with everything. I cant really explain it, but i hope you understand what i mean. People need to be exposed to what good music is. It would mean a lot to me to catch this show. I really appreciate y'all making the opportunity possible. Keep spreading the good music vibes from coast to coast!!

    • Exaktoh

      This event fuses some of the best present day artists that pushes creativenes and musical ingenuity along with timeless musicians (guests of honor) of our time plus djs who who has no boundaries. Buiggup ArtdontSleep, stay ahead of the curve!

    • Gil Braga (DJ Mano Gil)

      Seu Jorge is from Brazil and so am I. I haven't seen him live since I moved here in 2006. I am a Brazilian DJ who dedicated most of my 13-year to keeping the soil alive in my sets. And I'm willing to drive 200 miles just to be able to dance my shoes off. (I live in the Central Coast)

    • Young Brizzle

      I'd love to attend this show simply on my the strength of my love for soul music and for the fact that its artists such as the aforementioned keeping soul alive and making sure it doesn't become a lost art form such as Jazz. Im a true supporter of the artform and will probably still purchase a ticket even if im not chosen.

    • eth_nick

      funny, me & wifey just had Innervisions of an event like this.....
      we represent Ancestry in Progress & enjoy all types of music
      whether America, Brasil, o Disco hip-hop/jazz/bmore club[gasp!]
      we definitely didn't let the Vintage Hi-tech flyer design fool us....
      we're talking a live orchestra?!? w/ a talented leader
      who EVEN IF he was Suite for Ma Dukes(in my face!)... I'd still support his album!
      & they're Honoring the Headless Heroes of the Apocalypse
      simply because Everybody Loves the Sunshine!? shiiiiiiiieeet©Clay Davis
      To be in the live presence of a group of tastemakers [such as Egotrip]
      and talented musicians is enough Inspiration Information...
      My Favourite Letters, pictures & rhymes growing up were to the music of these artists being celebrated; a live homage like this would not only serve as a Musical Massage to my ears but a chance to have some Star Time w/ my Perfect Angel
      & some Hot Buttered Soul mmmmhmmmm b*tch©SamJacksonBeer

      This Winter in America let's give Back to the World
      w/ Two[ you know like the Bob James LP title]
      tickets to an amazing event to a crate diggin' fan #diggaplease
      [p.s- plus they free.99?! we all know Green is Blues but Do You Want More?!!!??!

    • sia brazil

      honestly i'd like to give these tix to my homie who lives in cali as a holiday gift. he's expecting his first child, i figure what better way to to celebrate the love of a new life than with his lady and unborn child taking in the the soulful sounds - gotta teach them to have an appreciation for the music that played a role in bringing themselves into existence.

    • Ri067953

      In the words of the one and only James Brown, "Soul is spiritual, soul is truth, soul is realism...soul is survival." That's why I wanna be there.

    • Jayel

      Yo, I'm an alcoholic and so is my girl/ex girl. We both relapsed on July 3rd and on July 9th we got into a fight, she was hitting me then I changed my pitch up and smacked my bitch up like a pimp (not proud of this). Neighbors called the piglets and I caught a DV case. Got out on O.R. Three days later, went back to work on July 12th and got fired for being M.I.A. On July 14th we found out she's pregnant, I kept drinking so she moved out and in with her moms. Then I got sober , had about 80 days and all was good, she lifted the court ordered restraining order (thanks OJ) from the start when we found out she was carrying the seed and they dropped the case to disturbing the peace cuz we were both drunk and she hit me first. Then her moms decided to come talk to me after we hit an AA meeting and it went all bad, she called me a sperm donor , said "all you are is a sperm donor , its not enough to be a sperm donor." So I kicked her out of the lab, the next day my girl blocked me from her life, email, phone and Facebook (that's how you know she's serious) and went in and reinstated the protective order/restraining order. About a month passed and she found out it was a boy and we talked on the phone and I sent her an email telling her how happy I was and then kept calling her from time to time to try and get her to come around and start seeing me again but she flipped and said the seed wasn't mine and then said she didn't know if it was and then said that it is mine. I was calling asking for the truth and she flipped again and went to the Jakes and ratted on me for breaking the restraining order by showing them that email I sent. They arrested me for violating the restraing order and i did another three days and then they dropped the case , I take it cuz it was just an email. I'm still sober, 139 days today and I would like to go to a concert to keep my mind off whether or not the seed is mine and the fact that I can't by law be with or contact the woman I love who's not giving birth until the 3rd of March. True story. Peace.

    • Cassamba

      I'd like to send my 60yo parents for their 35th wedding anniversary (today). Their first date was an Al Green concert!

    • El Guido

      It's my birthday Friday and this would be a great way to celebrate. The lineup is insanely good and the venue is super dope. What better place to feed the soul with the ritual of live soul music than at venue where it looks like you are in Mayan temple. The music gods are going to be appeased this Sunday night.