1. CONTEST: Win a Copy of Raekwon's Only Built 4 Cuban Linx...: "The Purple Tape" Special Edition Box Set.


    Last week we were all about the new Raekwon - Only Built 4 Cuban Linx... "Purple Tape" special edition box set . This week we're pleased to announce the chance for one lucky egotripland reader to win a FREE copy of this most buzzed about reissue project courtesy of our friends at Get On Down/Traffic Entertainment. Limited to 1000 pieces worldwide, "The Purple Tape" box is now entirely SOLD OUT, but can be yours. Please read the rules below to find out how...



    To win the Only Built 4 Cuban Linx... special edition cassette box set, simply TELL US WHY YOU MUST HAVE THIS PRIZE.

    • Add your answer to the Comments Section of this post only (we’re not accepting answers on The Twitter or Facebook no mo’, lazybonezes).
    • PLEASE remember to include a VALID EMAIL ADDRESS (not in your comment, but attached to your user ID – that is, unless you luh spam or something).
    • When we get an answer we like, we’ll pick a winner.
    • IMPORTANT: For this particular contest WINNER MUST PROVIDE A SHIPPING ADDRESS WITHIN THE CONTINENTAL U.S. No overseas shipping unfortunately for this prize (sorry, foreign-based friends).
    • Contest ends Monday, October 1st at 5pm EST. Good luck!

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • Marc B

      Because I still play tapes. So I'll actually use it and not let it sit on some shelf between a Tupac lunch box and a bobble head Biggie collecting dust.

    • http://twitter.com/KrusherKronkite Guerilla Griot

      I was actually on the street team back in 95. I used to be on the block handing out the "Glaciers of Ice" single and handing out posters. I loved the Wu so much that I didn't even care about the money. That was an exciting year in Hip-Hop. #Summer95

    • Raymond Roy

      Yo! Peace Egotripland, I must have this prize cuz I'm down by law! I'm from dis era, where we use to boost tapes & rock backpacks. I still have shoeboxes full of classic cassette tapes including the inspired "red" tape Dare iz a Darkside by Redman. I requested to be buried wit my tapes! The purple tape is classic and captures an era long gone. I remember being like "oh ish, the tape iz purple yo!" I played it till the paint faded. Its just timeless, the artwork is ill too, the blurred photography of the smoke and candles...hahaha. Its one of the most memorable tapes of our generation and I would love to have it for my collection! But you got it dripping like it's marble cake.......Classic!

    • Pete Sake

      The Purple Tape is iconic to hip hop as much as pumas are to breaking. This is a must have for Wu fans. I remember this album when it dropped. A ton of good music came out that year but Rae's took the cake for me atleast, though the roots, onyx, and o.d.b. (RIP) dropped months apart it was the Production and content that grabbed ahold of me and everybody else it seems. The Wally's kid!!! So for me this is a memory ill hold onto with or without the tape.... But I still want that shit!!

    • Eazy Evan

      Yo necesito this tape because I'm a HUGE wu head! I got a sealed copy of the Protect Ya Neck single, and I'm even looking to get a Prince Rakeem vinyl. I actually still use my technics dual cassete player and would loveto win this! Iy would without a doubt be going to agood home.

    • Becky

      Dear Egotripland,

      Please pick me, I tried to get this box set for my Fiance as an
      engagement gift and it sold out. I'm really upset, because he's a
      big Raekwon fan and this would have been the perfect thank you for
      asking me to marry him. He doesn't know I was going to get this
      for him, it was supposed to be a surprise. If you pick me, I would
      be so thankful. He already has the OB4CL LP framed on his wall,
      I'm sure he would get the poster framed too. Thanks for your
      consideration. -Becky

    • HughPhug

      you know what, i remember the first time i heard the intro to Only Built, on Tim Westwoods rap show. i remember him introducing it as Only Built For Cuban Linx N*ggers (that boy loved to use theN word, brother did NOT have a ghetto pass). i remember how those pipes came in, instantly recognising them from The Killer, then Rae and Ghost spouting off 'start fucking with bigger and better shit'. I got mad goose bumps, i can only liken it to the first time i saw Goodfellas, or Carlitos Way, or Godfather. Westwood then went from the Intro into Criminology, and my fucking head just blew. a UK kid listening to this piece of gritty New York life and drooling over it just like a drooled over Al Pacino when he fucking reloaded, or as Joe Pesci put his heel through Frank Vincents face. and it just kept going, the John Woo Killer intro to Incarcerated Scarfaces laced with a killer Detroit Emeralds beat, the haunting opening from Blue Raspberry on Rainy Days, the Shark N*ggers skit which i remember being a dig at Biggie among others, Verbal Intercourse with a killer Nas verse (one of his best ever) and a dope Emotions sample, Heaven and Hell with a beautiful Syl Johnson sample. it killed me, and i killed that album. rushed out and bought 2 copies on vinyl, and later copped two copies of the purple tape so i could bust on my walkman. Awesome cover art, amazing production, hands down the best Wu Tang album ever. Sad end to the story, around 2000 i moved countries while fleeing a bad situation, had to sell up a heap of my shit, most of my records got burned up in a house fire, and the two purple tapes, the ones now worth a couple hundred bucks? i binned them. no one was gonna buy a fucking cassette type, right? i mean, they'd be worth anything, right?
      what a chump

    • Klemsin

      I must have this Box Set. Went to go buy this and it was sold out. I listen to this album almost daily, and have for almost as long as its been out. I used to have the original purple tape but somebody stole my stereo with the tape inside. This would make up for that terrible day long ago when that junky jacked me.


      I must have this prize because we are real fans. We have a tape deck in our car and really want to drive around and listen to it. I just posted on FB on 9/05 that I wanted a copy of the purple tape for my husband (who is obsessed with it). I asked all my friends to dig through their old stuff to try to see if they still had a copy of it packed away somewhere that they could give to me. Then I find out yesterday that on 9/18 (TWELVE DAYS LATER) that they released this awesome box set and I missed it. We are not collectors. We are not going to post it on ebay and try to make money. We are fans and want to listen to it and enjoy it. Please pick us!

    • Flash

      Since I found out that the limited release is sold out before I could even preorder one (ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!), I am Jedi Mind Tricking you into putting this glorious box set in my possession. (These aren't the cracks you're looking for.)

      Cuban Linx is extremely important to me, held in such high esteem that when Part II dropped, I despised it for being what I think is a pale shadow of the Original. I was a high school kid when Wu Tang was the most exciting and dominant force in rap. Freshman year I even told a bitch I was in the Wu. I had every single Wu Tang release, but the Purple Tape never made it into my possession. My cousin had a Purple Tape that he wouldn't let me touch, let alone listen to. When I got my own copy on cassette, it was a punk ass clear one. I had the CD with the purple plastic. I have at least 3 copies of OB4CL on wax. It is a tragic travesty that I do not own a Purple Tape. Adding insult to injury, my wife bought herself a snazzy sweatshirt with The Purple Tape on it. Didn't even get me the T Shirt. Excuse me, I mean ex wife.

      In about 2003 I was at a homie's house, looking through a big ass box of tapes when I found the elusive purple cassette, case and cover intact. I excitedly offered him $50 on the spot. He told me that he would have gave it to me if I would have asked but since my offer was so generous. I should have fuckin stolen it, and to this day, I seriously, deeply regret that it didn't come up missing due to me. Money wasn't even trippin that he had it. This Cuban Linx shit is serious with me. I name all my weed pipes Sandra. After sniffin mad shit, I have the strength of 80 midgets. In each finger. But most of all, if you donate this most hallowed of b-boy documents to me, you can rest assured that it will have a good home where it will be considered a prized family heirloom.


    • TheQuakerOatsGuy

      I need it because I wanted to buy it (had many chances) but didn't have the money to do so. It would look nice besides my Pharcyde RSD box set, too. Guss I'll have to wait and see...

    • @luckyluequiano

      I'm just trying to own a piece of hip hop history the same way y'all were able to get your hands on the Biz Doll from Masta Ace's "Me & The Biz" video. That's right...I do my homework! Haha

    • Shady80000

      Cuz when you're from the hood the word borrow actually means keep. I fucking hated my ghetto ass friends. Please give me a chance to re-live my youth and the excitement I felt when I copped this gem on that hot summer day in August 1995. Oh yeah, all of those guys who "borrowed" my original copy are locked up or deceased so need to worry, I won't be passing this around anytime soon.

    • QS

      Because I don't throw shit in my drink.

    • lakerskings123

      Because this is a part of hip hop history nuff said suckas.

    • Justin holland

      That purple tape reminds me of skipping school and chillin the park listening to casseteee players drinking our parents papbst blue ribbon. I need this to bring those good ol days

    • IM1UFO

      No guilt trip here...
      I'm just reminded of when I heard my 1st hip hop cassette...my cousin had just bought LL Cool J's Radio album and and I was immediately blown away when he popped it in.
      This was also the day I discovered a reason to use the BASS BOOST BUTTON on the BOOMBOX....please let me relive this experience with another album that also completely changed my perspective on what music can be..nothing better than hip hop on cassette!

    • divinity

      I definately need a piece of Hip Hop History. This would put the icing on the cake for my collection that includes Longboxes, Doug E Fresh's first cassette and the Ego Trip book as well. When the Purple Tape first dropped, me and my crew had a Purple Tape Release Party. We were in tune with CD's but everybody for some reason copped the tape. Not even knowing it was gonna be purple. To make a long story short, when Cuban Linx II dropped, me and most of my crue got together to celebrate this release as well. Sobthis to me is History. Nuff said!

    • uniquity

      I'll be straight up. When I went to order this from Get On Down, I realized that didn't have the funds to order it. With two healthy-ass kids, my work check went towards feeding them and couldn't be used on this. I decided to hold off until next paycheck but they were sold out within a day.

      I was talking with someone at my job that got one of them. He was gonna set up a SMACK battle for it. Not battle rap but actually SMACKIN niggas for it. Like a Royal Rumble. Turned out he was just kiddin' but I would've been down.

      See how limited edition joints like these resort people to violence? Damn shame but that's my story.

    • milkmedia

      Thanks egotrip. Made my year.