1. CONTEST: Win a Copy of Massinflu's "Morning Breath Chasers" 45 & "The Underground Science" CD.


    FREE STUFF ALERT! Massinflu, a/k/a Massinfluence - one of the ATL's most beloved underground hip-hop groups of the '90s - are back with "Morning Breath Chasers," the crew's first single in 10 years. And one lucky egotripland reader has the chance to win a FREE COPY courtesy of our friends at Redefinition Records. Not only that - the winner will also receive a copy of the group's 1999 CD The Underground Science . Oh, and ... "Morning Breath Chasers" is available for FREE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD for everyone for a limited time. Get it, HERE .



    To win a copy of the Massinflu's "Morning Breath Chasers" 45 and a CD copy of The Underground Science , simply TELL US WHY YOU MUST HAVE THIS PRIZE.

    • Add your answer to the Comments Section of this post only (we’re not accepting answers on The Twitter or Facebook no mo’, lazybonezes).
    • PLEASE remember to include a VALID EMAIL ADDRESS (not in your comment, but attached to your user ID – that is, unless you luh spam or something).
    • When we get an answer we like, we’ll pick a winner.
    • Contest ends this coming Wednesday, September 6th at 5pm EST. Good luck!

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • con 1ne

      Damn, iv'e been listening to 'Morning Breath Chaser' every morning since it hit Soundcloud. Such an awesome tune to wake up to...

    • http://onetwofiveone.blogspot.fr/ RacecaR

      Why I must have this fine Mass Influence release.
      Any number of reasons would do. In fact, most will send in the stereotypical answers you won't like to read. Some will be smart-assed, even less will be genuine. Then there are the few and very few that will raise your eyebrow.
      How to climb this mountain. Truly a difficult task but not impossible. You should go ahead and place my response in the "long-winded" pile.

      My complicated answer:
      I must have this prize simply based off the fact that Ya'll So Stupid was one of the groups from our "golden age" that has placed me in the position I am now(my background is on the website, no need to explain here). Were it not for the "backpack" section of our beloved Hip-Hop, I might've found myself trying to gain street cred in some self-destructive manner to then, in effect, place myself in a position of "rough-neck." Hey, as ridiculous as it sounds, for some that might have been and would become the only option.
      Instead, "Van Full of Pakistans" helped me realize how much more refreshing honesty, (even if some of us don't want to face it) is in our music. As you know YSS disbanded and eventually Mass became. Now I can't claim to be the biggest fan, but I do appreciate their music and it's motivational powers. You must let me win the prize because I was destined for it and because of this long ass answer which inevitably leads to nowhere.
      Thanks for your time,
      (From Chicago to Paris)

    • http://none wayne sheldon

      to influence or be influenced!!!

    • J-Walk

      I first heard Mass Influence on the Deep Concentration album cut 'Demo type shit.' Loved it! I got another taste when I copped a D.L. presents Chris Crossfader mix tape 'World Traveler' and first heard 'twenty 20'. (The inner light devine!) Then I got the VHS 'Open Transport,' http://vimeo.com/3519552, and the interviews and live performances were off the chain! (Click the link above for a great documentary and a free download! I wouldn't do that if I thought you could buy it somewhere.) Ego Trip guys, feel free to take that down if you think it crosses a line or you know that we can get it somewhere else. I'm not trying to take food off anyones plate. If not, why you sleeping? Put that shit up for everyone to enjoy!

      Anyway, Underground Science got swooped on vinyl with a quickness. It's still an album that still get's tossed into the rotation a few times a year. I have always been a huge fan of the crew. '2 the Left' off the Dynamic Syncopation joint is still banging out my apartment on the regular. So many great songs on the Underground Science album, This is the Way, Fraudulent, Life to the MC. Great album.

      I have to say that I was disappointed that nothing seemed to really happen, besides a few singles, after that. Which at the time was an all to present factor with great crews. Science of life, All Natural, Mass Influence, Saukrates, just to name a quick few, put out great initial releases but nothing really followed, or not until years later. Well, now it looks like a few of those great artists are making their way back onto the scene and I couldn't be happier.

      Win this prize or not I'm excited to see what Mass Influence has in store for us and will end up with that single on the shelves either way. Enjoy the video and I hope everyone has a nice day. Peace!

    • Gzaksarba

      This is Hip Hop

    • G.Patterson

      I could give you a thousand reasons why I want this release. But one of the main reasons is because each member of Massinfluence does other things outside of being an emcee which I really admire, such as printing, graphic design and if I'm correct even engineering! We need more groups like Mass to let the world know that you can always build your dreams in so many different areas. To me thats what this group represents.

    • Bert Pole

      Because international postage cost suck balls and no record stores will stock it here in Australia!

    • S.Kratch

      I must have this prize because of one simple reason. I never heard of Massinflu until this record was released and as y'all know, ReDef always drops dope music. So what would be a better opportunity to check out an artist than listen to a ReDef release?

    • Joe

      I love hip hop!
      Nuff said...

    • Kay

      Parceque je suis francais lol

    • *Hops

      I can juggle with it....got 1 copy already.

      Motivational sounds....

    • http://www.lazyrebel.be Lazy Rebel

      Because my breath never stanks in the morning.

      Also, if you send me the 45, you can send the CD to somebody else (already have Underground Science on vinyl) > that way you can make two people happy.

    • http://www.jeromedickens.com Jerome Dickens

      I remember buying the Mass Influence "Underground Science" vinyl back in the days from Beat Street Records. The days when you would go into a record store and lose your mind just exploring the records. Beat Street Records was a iconic place in Brooklyn, NYC. All the mainstream artist would be there, along with some prominent DJ's and Underground Artist of the times. I heard a few Mass Influence songs on WKCR's Stretch & Bob Shows. I would make tapes and go to Beat Street searching for these elusive vinyls. The first Mass Influence song I ever heard was "Under Pressure". Talk abt doing Calculus Homework at 3am or 4am in the morning and such a dark looped joint such as Under Pressure comes on the radio, it was just something I had to have in my vinyl collection. I was a Senior in High School when Underground Science came out. I use to run that album every day. Until one dreaded day, I was moving into a new apartment. I boxed up all my vinyl along with all my belongings and the moving company I used packed them into their truck and moed them to my new apartment. The box of vinyl with my Mass Influence vinyl got destroyed. Along with my rare Escort records. I was so pissed off. I got a lil insurance money for the records, but I never re-bought any of those vinyls. The CD age was upon us and some of my friends hit me off with dubbs and duplicates of joints I lost. In the present, I'm actually re-buying various vinyls and bloistering my collection. Thanks to ReDef for allowing me to do that through regular purchases and the contest they run. I think the Mass Influence “Morning Breath Chasers” 45 & “The Underground Science” CD will be a great addition to my collection of ReDef releases.

    • 90sgems

      because its fresh

    • Chubar Vasya

      I was too young to dig them in the 90s. But this vinyl will be a perfect gift to my friend who listened to their beats long ago and who revealed to me this group...
      Glad you are back!

    • http://www.myteedjthor.blogspot.com myteedjthor

      I know a girl - very sad at the moment but crazy about hip-hop. I am collecting some vinyl and CDs to send her a package - I am sure this will make her very happy !!!

    • Dray Yard

      Year 2001... Livin' in Belarus (who knows that country?)... Buyin' every pirate cassette with rap on it... Saw the word "Underground" on the cover, bought a Mass Influence album... Felt in love... Groups like MI = Hip Hop for me. Thank you.

    • Kristian

      Just want this vinyl cause it b super sizzlin hot hot firecrackin dopnezz n I've never heard of these massinfoolz befo. but dey dope. piece yo