1. CONTEST: Win an Autographed Copy of the Illest Lord Finesse Vinyl Single You'll Ever See - and Digitally Download It For Free!

    Silver Front

    FREE STUFF ALERT! We are pleased to announce the chance for one lucky egotripland reader to win a FREE AUTOGRAPHED COPY of one the illest vinyl packages you'll ever see: Lord Finesse 's "Inconsiderate Females" 5-inch(!) single on silver vinyl - courtesy of our friends at Slice-of-Spice Records . The best part? While only one person can win the vinyl, this previously unreleased DJ Premier -produced heater is available to everyone for FREE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD.



    The vinyl version of "Inconsiderate Females" appears in an amazing Mr. Krum-designed demo tape box-styled sleeve (peep the above image gallery for a more thorough look). Here's a little history about the track from the Funky Man himself...

    Lord Finesse:

    "What you have right here is the start of a song created during the making of the Funky Technician LP that was never finished. Lyrically, it was actually parts of a live routine that I was trying to convert into a song for the album. DJ Premier found the loop and started putting the track together, but once Stu Fine (Wild Pitch Records' owner) heard the track he immediately made me stop recording due to the extremely raw content. So this unfinished track remained stashed for over 20 years until recently. It's funny 'cos listening to it now makes me wonder what the hell I was thinking [Laughing]. I'm personally glad Stu & DJ Premier made me change my mind, but the track is now being released as an extremely rare limited edition promo. You can thank Rich (Slice-of-Spice) for the constant persuasion 'cos if it was left to me I'd have left it buried in the stash!"


    To win an autographed copy of the Lord Finesse "Inconsiderate Females" 5-inch single on silver vinyl, simply TELL US WHY YOU MUST HAVE THIS PRIZE.

    • Add your answer to the Comments Section of this post only (we’re not accepting answers on The Twitter or Facebook no mo’, lazybonezes).
    • PLEASE remember to include a VALID EMAIL ADDRESS (not in your comment, but attached to your user ID – that is, unless you luh spam or something).
    • When we get an answer we like, we’ll pick a winner.
    • Contest ends Thursday, September 13th at 5pm EST. Good luck!

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • awwwSNAP

      I've been listening to Finesse since almost out the WOMB. That's the truth, nothing clever.

    • Joneski

      Listen up dunn: If I don't win this it's gonna be like Big L stubbing out a Newport on your forehead in the middle of astronomy class. Guerillas in the mist type shit, but really that ain't even close to describin' this furified freestyle of bodily harm I'm capable of. I'm sayin duke, I been watching the Ruff Ryders Thug Workout DVD and I'm under more stress than Smif-N-Wessun circa '95. Bless me with this 5 incher and put me on ice right quick.

    • Adam Walker

      I am an aspiring producer. This would be a great addition to my collection and some ego trip swag wouldn't hurt. I would really like to cop this joint!

    • Tenski

      Love Lord Finesse. Funky Technician era especially. And I DJ(vinyl only) sometimes
      at all 45 events and would work it into my sets(technically 5 inch and not 7, but makes it that much more unique), giving it exposure to different crowds.

    • http://@wreckedangle wreckedangle

      i always try to get finesse shit, im done tryin to prove i been down, just throw it my got damn way if you want it to end up in the hands of a true fan who has no interest in re-selling on ebay

    • http://soundcloud.com/awas1980/oozey-pinky-rang-wu-tang-clan Anthony

      Robert Hall Jr. (*not to be confused with the famous professor of Linguistics at Cornell University) is one of the dopest of all time. The man would be a legend even if he had never even touched the mic. I'd also be remiss not to mention Lord's involvement in the formation of D.I.T.C. (arguably the strongest hip hop crew ever - sorry Wu) Yet, I digress. Why should one bestow the holy grail of Lord Finesse memorabilia to me; a country bumpkin in Kansas? Because even though I've never stepped foot in NYC, I feel the music that Lord Finesse has so generously contributed to the art of Hip Hop has helped me traverse time and space to the point where I feel like I'm walking through Crotona Park, or bobbin' my head on the Woodlawn line... For anyone who makes music from the heart, that connection to the listener is what keeps you going. For a fan, that connection can be elusive. To Lord Finesse, thank you. To Rich, thanks for unearthing this gem.

    • http://www.soundcloud.com/aspects grandpimpofthehighseas

      I'm the son of one of the inconsiderate females in the song and I feel I've missed out on Finesse being my Dad due to my Mom "fronting", consequently my Dad was a drunk, a bad drunk, NOT a legendary emcee. I deserve the record to remind me of the father I missed out on :(

    • Eazy-Evan

      Because I spin wax for a living!!! All I own is vinyl:D I love the funky man and to top it off I'm only 19 years old. I love anything old school or with old school flavor!!!! And to top it off I still record mixes to cassette tapes! Old school is the only school!

    • Beto Chavez

      I deserve this because I record onto Ampex 456 1/2 reel to reel tape as well =) and also because Lord Finesse is the illest!! This would look nicely with all the other special items I have for my "wall" respect to Finesse, Richard over at SOS and Egotrip!!

    • http://www.dailydiggers.com Kid Dyno

      yeah it's him again!

    • Julia

      I must confess, I'm not really into Lord Finesse. Not yet. I'm too young to have witnessed his music when it originally came out (I was born in 1993), which isn't really an excuse nowadays, I guess. However, I'm a passionate vinyl-collector. So, this piece would be both a wonderful addition to my collection and a possibility to get into some dope stuff by veteran Lord Finesse.

    • Pos

      Well, I was at the Rhyme Syndicate gig in at Brixton Academy in 1991, Hijack, Lord Finesse, Hen Gee and Evil E, Donald D, and Ice-T headlining. Finesse stole the show, and totally rocked the place! Great memory. Loved Funky Technician but that show made me a Lord Finesse and a DITC fan for life.

    • JB

      I need this vinyl because i am a huge DITC and Lord Finesse fan. I've listened to almost every finesse, diamond, buckwild, and showbiz beat! This would be my most prized hip hop vinyl if i were to win. and also I just got serato and i need this to start DJ'ing !!

    • http://www.coffeebreakradio.com Noah

      I like chimichangas.

    • wax stash

      I'm Lord Finesse's Biggest Fan!!!!!!

    • http://soundcloud.com/kato-3 __kAtO

      So I can twist a hash blunt on the jacket and then bump it sayin "Heads ain't done it like this."

    • Frank

      I MUST have this because I'm the only person I know who actually enjoys collecting vinyl. I need deeper crates!!

    • dizzy

      i discovered finesse in the early 90's.through him i learned what a metaphor is.even as a german i digged his witty clever style of rhyming.he showed me what's the level of slick braggin and boasting is.and that it is a goal to accomplish to be a bad mutha...he was and is the grandmaster of braggadocio.and a great producer...btw.this piece of vinyl looks ill.1

    • mcgillicutty

      I should win this because my vinyl collection is small and this would be a great addition, God bless Lord Finesse. "L"

    • http://www.soundcloud.com/tufkut-beatsinprogress TufKut

      ...I am a vinyl Digger and love Finesse's production,
      I play out Golden Era HipHop to BBoys and all who
      love True School. I would love this record just because
      I adore not only the material on it but the actual material
      too. If I don't win that's cool, Just keep on keepin' on.
      ...(", )

    • Barry Breaks

      Because my mrs is always going on at me for spending all my money on the illest redbirds I can find. She always goes on about the fact I can't afford to take her anywhere. If I won this, i'd be able to buy a bottle of wine and play this to her the next time she kicks off!

    • http://gundamaustralia.com Sonar

      I don't know nuthin and aint nuthin happened.

    • Barry Breaks

      # records!

    • Rey

      the only vinyl i collect is classic hip hop. i also randomly recite rap lyrics at elderly people at work (i work in a hospital)

    • Ivan

      Lemme get this...

    • recordvulture

      I'm currently sitting in a farmhouse in rural Wisconsin.(visiting family)Tomorrow-I'm gonna go visit my grandmother then go to a fish fry.(last time I came here for a visit I went to a fish fry the fish was great,when I asked for hotsauce-they asked me what's that?fried fish-no hotsauce?..the fuck??)then I'm gonna go see what I can dig up vinyl wise.And-if I don't win this record I'm gonna stick my foot so far up your ass you'll be sittin on my lap-shit!!

    • Allie

      inconsiderate females isn't just a track its a lesson; send me this vinyl and i'll preach to fellow females how to come to the show and teach them how to act right.
      cos they aint even fly they're whack
      so shut the fuck up and let me win this prize wax

    • Aaron

      People, I'm hip to the game here. There's only one (DITC-certified) funky technician, and that's me. I kick actual facts like a funky man, and from the crates to the files, you're all just slaves to the sound wave. Forget the "funk soul brother", softies, I'm nasty-period.

    • KuRs3

      this vinyl needs to be mine because finesse is the smoothest dude on the mic and the meanest on the sp and dj premier unreleased beat on wax from that era?...thats like seeing a muthafuckin leprechaun

    • Dray Yard

      In my golden 90's here, in Belarus, i dug out a cassette with Lord Finesse's The Awakening. But i found no bonus track ("Actual Facts"). I knew there was a dream team on it (Lord, Large Pro, Sadat, Puba!). I got no internet, no shit. 6 years in searching... One day listenin' to radio station from Poland (Hip Hop Monday). Hearin': "And now... Lord Finesse! Actual Facts!" Pressin' record key on my boombox... I'm the happiest man in the world!.. Lord, thank you for your music. I hope you'll read this.

    • http://www.egotripland.com/contest-lord-finesse-inconsiderate-females/ Sam



    • http://djmoody.com DJ Moody

      I deserve this grand prize because quite simply that is one of the illest things I've ever seen and I must add it to my collection. Also ego trip is the greatest land in the world!

    • cutstro

      I need this because i have a massive hangover and this might help.

    • Jay

      I need this to keep up with my SOS/Finesse releases. Couldn't afford the initial drop and this may be my last chance for it, I got all the 7"s but need this absurd, odd piece for my collection!

    • djarm18

      god, these contests make me feeling like a groveling vinyl addict... "All right, fuck the cup. Pour it in my hand for a dime!"

    • Greg

      been a fan of the funky technician since day one, and I don't mean the DITC 12".. I need it, I want it, Gotta have it!!

    • http://xx Lazy E


    • Stu Boogie

      That would go real nice with my 'Baby You Nasty" 12".
      Ill play that shit at my next gig (even if its a wedding) and put it up on Youtube to prove it.
      "I'm not stopping here, I got lots to share,I kick a party til I'm old in a rocking chair"

    • This Guy

      Hi, I don't know who or what a Lord Finesse is but I do know I love me some Picture Discs, I collect them all, I have 1000's... Some of my favorites include Iron Maiden, Rush, George Michaels & Kajagoogoo, I feel that cute little box would look frickin' awesome in my collection! I hope you guys take this entry into consideration, 'Cos, like I don't have much to look forward to, Thank you sirs, X X

    • Just-1

      I should own this record my other Lord Finesse records feel like they are missing a brother. I own and collect all of Lord Finesses releases and this one at the time of pre-order i was low on ca$h. Plus who wouldnt want a Premo produced Funkyman 5 inch record, you would have to be insane not to want this!!!

    • http://www.endsonmusic.blogspot.com/ eseye

      I need this vinyl because collecting wax is my outlet. I have a family and a demanding 9-5, both of which take a good portion of my time. When I get time, I go to my office and spin classics from my small but growing vinyl collection. This would be a nice addition. I also want to school some of my younger homies on true school hip hop....and not via mp3. This record with its cracking and crisp sonics is a nice exhibit in my case that the 90s were really, really banging.



    • Jessey


    • AWASH

      so who won?