1. CONTEST: Win a Copy of Terror Green's 1995 Demo EP on Vinyl (Produced by DJ Nastee).


    Hey, '90s underground hip-hop heads, here's your chance to score some rare dope product, namely "the almost lost and forgotten" demo EP by Brooklyn rapper Terror Green , courtesy of the man Verge Tibbs of Heavy Jewelz Records and the rather excellent T.R.O.Y. Blog . The DJ Nastee and Audiodesiac produced demo (which includes a couple of bonus beats) is "the most requested demo in Stretch & Bobbito Show 's history" and has been pressed up on limited-edition vinyl that includes ill, dual artwork by Skore79 and Mark563 .

    Says Heavy Jewelz Records: We used to call in to the Stretch & Bobbito radio show on the regular back in the days. Always requesting that they’d play that “Check Tha File” joint because they had only played it once & we lost the tape we had it on. So to be able to connect with D.J. Nastee a few years ago & finally being able get this full demo pressed on vinyl is like we felt that if we died tomorrow at least we helped leave the world with a great piece of music history on vinyl, hah!

    Click thumbnail above to hear snippets.

    UPDATE: Animated video added too. Peep it, it's fresh.



    1. Describe your favorite memory of listening to Stretch & Bobbito. The more descriptive the better.
    2. For people out of the tri-state area, describe your favorite local rap radio memory.
    3. Tell us your story of the hardest-to-find record or demo in your collection. How did you get it, what's special about it, why it's a prized possession, that sort of thing.

    • Add your answer to the Comments Section of this post only (we’re not accepting answers on The Twitter or Da Facebook, ).
    • PLEASE remember to include a VALID EMAIL ADDRESS (not in your comment, but attached to your user ID – that is, unless you luv Nigerian prince spam or something).
    • When we get an answer we like, we’ll pick the winner.
    • Contest ends Monday, November 25th at 9pm EST/6PM PST. Good luck!

    For those who don't win, copies are still available at Heavy Jewelz Records .

    Terror Green — Demo Snippets

    Terror Green - 1995 Demo EP (Heavy Jewelz Records)

    Terror Green Demo EP Tracklist:
    A1. WKCR Intro
    A2. 45 Stitchez
    A3. Dub
    A4. Dub Bonus Beats

    B1. Much Terra
    B2. Check Tha File
    B3. Check Tha File Bonus Beats

    4word Presents: Terror Green "45 Stitches" ft. Bobbito & Lord Sear (Official Video).

    Produced, Mixed, Directed & Animated by @Nasteeluvzyou for 4word Productions.

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  2. You might wanna peep...

    • Matt Whitlock

      I am from Brockton, MA so I was bumpin' 88.9FM (college radio) from Boston all throughout my youth. My favorite local rap radio memory is when the whole Jay-Z/Nas beef was going on and they refused to address it. They took a stand against "beef" in general and let the mainstreams play 'em out. Twas bittersweet 'cuz that battle was beyond epic but at the same time, it's value was getting drained out due to so much attention.

    • trembolo

      Whenever someone brings up Stretch and Bobbito, three memories always come to my mind:

      1. Souls of Mischief and Casual's first time on the show, which was during the LA Riots.
      2. Craig G was freestyling over DATs and one of the beats was the same loop Alchemist used for Mobb Deep's "The Realest." Of course, this was YEARS before Murda Muzik. It always made me wonder if Alchemist bit that from him or if it was just coincidence.
      3. Kool Keith said that he traveled by tubes, made up a word called "excaliburterion" and created comic book characters like "X-Mobick" and "The Cart-lin-de-der." "The Cart-lin-de-der" was invisible so when you read the comic book, it wouldn't be anything but blank pages.

      By the way, you knew it was a Stretch and Bobbito freestyle if the beat was "Funky Child," "Halftime," "Punks Jump Up to Get Beat Down" or "Puffin' on Blunts and Drankin' Tanqueray."

    • Rey

      before dj khaled blew up he had a pirate radio station in miami. "oc - jewlelz" had just came out and khaled played "oc - my world" 8-9x back to back. everytime he played it he would geek out on how crazy it was. on some brag shit i got the flexi disc to "blackstar - definition" from stress magazine

    • kools

      i'm from europe and i think everybody who's been listininf to funk
      45's (aswell as hip hop) knows about monster yugoslavien funk 45 Anelidi
      - Kad Bi Postojala Žena and ofcourse one knows that is imposibble to
      find,so i started pulling conections,one member was dead the other two i
      was able to find but even them didin't have that record,so i needed to
      find fourth member after one year of trying (digging) to find a
      men,succsess,i found him he got it,we met and it was 60 year old grandpa
      holding that rare 45,he solded me,score,finally

    • http://thecryptonline.com TheCrypt

      I'm from Boston and I used to get tapes in high school of stretch and bob and later CM Famalaam Show. My favorite was hearing Kool Keith and Xzibit on the there having a freestyle session and Kool Keith called Xzibit Everlast and then proceeded with the most ridiculous verse ive ever heard still til' this day.

      Favorite radio moments though were hearing Edo G on WERS with the Kreators go in live, still one of my favorite sessions still trying to find the tape I had it on.

      I have the Demo of Catnip by Porn Theater Ushers I believe Fakts One played it back in the day on WERS on 88.9 @ night. Once the beat started with that crazy chanting I immediately hit record this was and is still a prized possession of mine even though the demo was later released on some mixtape.

    • Bob Disaster

      Favourite local rap radio memory would be listening to Timmy Westwood in 1994 and recording what is to this day my all time favourite mix to a fresh TDK. Dj Riz did an 8 track megamix where he effortlessly blends Sade Smooth Operator and Chris Isaac's Wicked Game into Sucker Mc's. I played that tape until if eventually fell to bits but thanks the internet I can play it back any time I want.

      As far as 89 tek 9 getting dubs of Organized Konfusion or Big L freestyles and then getting a lot of the classics on the Freestyle Frenzy LP's put out by Liberty Grooves.

    • myertech
    • Verge Tibbs

      Word, that Kool Keith night is most def one of the most memorable. Any night with him was a winner but that one took the cake.