1. CONTEST: Win a Copy of Evans Pyramid's Anthology of Disco-Boogie Rarities.


    FREE STUFF ALERT! We are pleased to announce the chance for one lucky egotripland reader to win a copy of the new Evans Pyramid anthology of rare and previously unreleased private press disco-boogie gems courtesy of our friends at Cultures of Soul Records . Not familiar with repertoire of this '70s cult favorite? No problemo - full album audio and contest details are just a click away…


    Andre Evans - a seasoned performer and session musician in Boston throughout the ’70s - was the mastermind behind Evans Pyramid. While the group never enjoyed national success, in recent years its crazy rare singles have been in high demand with disco collectors and DJs. For those who can't afford ebay or discog$ price$$$ for OG pressings, Evans Pyramid conveniently collects all the group's material - including four previously unreleased joints - in one nifty package.


    To win a copy of the Evans Pyramid anthology simply TELL US WHY YOU MUST HAVE THIS PRIZE.

    • Add your answer to the Comments Section of this post only (we’re not accepting answers on The Twitter or Facebook no mo’, lazybonezes).
    • PLEASE remember to include a VALID EMAIL ADDRESS (not in your comment, but attached to your user ID – that is, unless you luh spam or something).
    • When we get an answer we like, we’ll pick a winner.
    • Contest ends this coming Friday, August 24th at 5pm EST. Good luck!

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • Donna Walker

      My son would owe me big time because this would add on to his collection. You may be inspiring a future producer of the year. FlyntMarko you tube channel shoutout. It takes a hiphop village to...

    • http://cosmic-peepee.tumblr.com cosmic pee-pee

      oh god, my mother, she woke me up today. she threw a pan of hot grease all over my chest, and my ass and genitals and i fell down the stairs and my shoes fell off.

      i guess what i'm trying to say is that i really want this.

    • M-Lo

      Man, I gotta have this... If only so I can resell the OG copies I smoked mad pole for and try to regain my dignity!

    • Kristi Evans

      Huge disco and nudisco fan here! Constantly searching new music on soundcloud and this would add so much to my little collection! Plus, we have the same last name so maybe he's like my distant cousin thrice removed and would really want his collection to stay in the family. ;)

    • Parad1se

      My mental condition forces me to hoard various Illuminati accoutrements.

      Also, I need a soundtrack to go with my suede sneaker skates.

    • Eazy-Evan

      I need this!!!! One reason is because my name is actually Evan! I love disco and any old music for that matter, and I'm a huge music collector!

    • Sticky Dojah

      I need this to go on my 3rd eye Soul Patrol. Nothing beats doing my 3rd eye Soul Patrol to this music. I will even make your 3rd eye grow a mustache. Dance. DANCE I SAID!

    • http://Barbarianlove.tumblr.com Scott Cee

      When the Evans Pyramid boogie takes my soul, I rise to the occasion, and when my jam comes on you and your sorry moves best move out the way. They can't see me, because I am a mfkr on the dance-floor when i hear those drums, and i hurt people who run up in my personal space when I am getting down, if you follow me. These extra joints make me extraordinary, and therefore, I must have them.

    • Sean

      Already got it.

    • Earl Biggers

      One cold, drizzly San Francisco night last March, my friend and I got back late to her place after a long day of music in the sun, a massive art exhibit, hella walking, and plenty food & drank in the system. It's just past midnight, but we were beat, and I was going to crash at hers since mine's an hour away. We stand at the gate entry as she fumbles through her bag and frantically checks her coat pockets for the keys. It dawns on her she left them in her other jacket. No one's home, her roommate is out drinking and doesn't know when she'll be home. We were tired as f*** and weren't trying to be at some noisy bar at that point. So, to pass the time, I suggested we roll to the nearest 7-11, pick up a bottle of somethin', and just post up in my car and wait til her roommate gets home.

      What ensues in the next 4 hours will forever be one of my favorite memories with a girl. We park across the street from her house, it's freezing outside and just started to rain gently. So we're sitting in my car, reclined, a bottle of Jameson, and I have an abundance of my burned CDs to play for her. We had just started hanging out, and have somewhat of a bond through music, but this put me way over the top. I start playing her some ol' Paradise Garage type joints; Loleatta Holloway "Runaway", Ashford & Simpson "It Seems To Hang On", Ray Martinez and Friends "Lady of the Night"...you know the steelo. The soul and funk was undeniable, she was overjoyed discovering these classics, and I couldn't be more ecstatic. An hour or so in, we get to Evans Pyramid "Never Gonna Leave You". I can't completely put my finger on it, but there's something so sublime and timelessly nostalgic about that song. Somewhere between the vocals, during the extended guitar laden instrumental part, we stopped and had a long gaze at one another. In the moment, that song transported us to another place, and it became clear there was something there between us. That's the start of our story...

    • Andrei

      because i'm working my way up into becoming a full time alcoholic and everyone knows you need proper theme music for these kind of risky moves.

      Love !

    • funcrusha

      Dam-Funk told me to post this. :-)

    • Eyal Werner

      I live in Israel and even though i am close to Egypt I've never seen the pyramids... i guess this is as close as i can get please help me fulfill my life long dream

    • http://soundcloud.com/awas1980/oozey-pinky-rang-wu-tang-clan Anthony Sams

      If I win this can I trade it for the Lord Finesse flexi? (JOKES) This looks dope. As Black Flag said... Gimme, Gimme, Gimme.

    • http://mattstackswell.com "Matthew"


    • dave dizzle

      Man, I need this!!!! I heard "Never Gonna Leave You" on a mix a few years back and I was searching for it but I had no idea what the song/artist was. Then about two years ago, my man Dave H. (who owns a record store and is a record fiend) pulled out a copy he got in a trade when we DJed a party together. That night he also played a 7" of Why by Carly Simon and the Gloria Ann Taylor record that goes for $700 (or at least, used to). Anyway, he said he could get me a copy of Evans Pyramid 12" for $80.

      I was trying to pay off my college debt and I had to stop spending all my disposable income on records. Records were like crack, and I'm a recovering addict so this would be karma kicking in telling me I did good by being responsible. BTW, I paid off all my debt earlier this year!

    • http://jaleos.tumblr.com/ Al

      Shut up, and give it to me, now!