1. CONTEST: Win a Limited Edition DJ Format Poster Print.


    DJ Format 's acclaimed Statement of Intent LP not only features two of our favorite tracks to come out this year - the Edan-featured "Spaceship Earth" and Mr. Lif-spotlighted "Torture." But the album's also been the subject of some inspired artwork and packaging, like the fresh promotional poster pictured above. Designed by UK artist Mr. Krum and limited to 100 lithograph prints on high quality 130gsm stock, each individually hand numbered and signed by both DJ Format and Mr.Krum, it is now completely SOLD OUT. However, you have the chance to WIN ONE FOR FREE , courtesy our friends at Slice-of-Spice Records . Peep contest details, after the jump...


    To win a limited edition, autographed DJ Format Statement of Intent poster print, simply TELL US WHY YOU MUST HAVE THIS PRIZE.

    Add your answer to the Comments Section of this post only (we're not accepting answers on The Twitter or Facebook no mo’, lazybonezes). PLEASE remember to include a VALID EMAIL ADDRESS (not in your comment, but attached to your user ID – that is, unless you luh spam or something). When we get an answer we like, we’ll pick a winner at the end of the day. Good luck!

    And don't forget to pick up DJ Format's Statement of Intent and other goodies, HERE .

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • Gert Ottens

      I need that poster to cover up the hole I headbutted into the wall when I heard the first snippets of the 'Statement of Intent' LP...!

    • http://www.treesforbreakfast.com Dee Phunk

      I'd like this poster because I will be moving in my girlfriend of two years this coming summer. It's a 2br and she's allowing me to turn one of those bedrooms into a hangout room. Books, TV, DVDs, old rap magazines (a few issues of egotrip in there for sure), figurines, my computer, BOSE speakers, couch, coffee table...you get the picture. This poster, framed, would accent the room nicely. Sorry if this sounds HGTV-ish. But I'm damn hype about this. Because I'm a music nerd and I'm in love.

    • courtney blood

      i should have this prize because ted bawno still owes me a date under the tony montana blanket while listening to bad brains records.

    • http://www.jimmyjinx.com jimmy jinx

      My hounds of the Fescaville!

      I need this poster on my wall right here in BOGOTA DC! I´m a Brit living in Colombia trying to change the worlds negative pre-conceptions about this beautiful country an its wonderful people. While I´m at it I´m playing some fat funk nuggets and bigging up hip hop culture. I´m also working with childrens foundations in the ghetto´s here to help try and bring some positive change by using art as a catalyst.

      Presently I´m organising an international charity auction of photography and Colombian street art to raise money for these foundations and also begin a new one of my own, Un-Cut Colombia, targeting various industries with cocaine connections, Fashion, rap, rock, etc. to give something back to Colombia, I want Jay Z as my patron.

      Anyways, I´m a hip hop freak from way back, always been on your dilz and right now I´m broke as a joke and working my bollocks off here in Bogota to bring about real changes in this beautiful and crazy country and that super dope poster would really put a smile on my boat race and encourage me to work even harder for the good cause!
      What say you fine fellows? Hook a homeboy up? O que? Mil gracias!

    • Harilizard

      I need this because I'm dying.

    • http://soundcloud.com/awas1980 Anthony

      I'd love to 'rock the house' with this framed and displayed in a place of prominence. And what can I say, I'm a sucker for a collage... Sly Stone There's a Riot..., <--Check Yr Head, Sgt Pepper, <--Common's Electric Circus... et al. (+ anything with Slick Rick, is welcomed in my home)

    • http://Jadorerapqueens.com Jaime

      Dear EgoTripland & Friends,

      I am very White and very plain. Yes, in years past, I have rocked the latest trends in music, movies, and graffiti art; I've even been laced in the finest decorations your mother's wallpaper would envy. Yet in the past 30 minutes, I've been stripped of all identity to make place for this: a limited edition DJ Format poster print. This is a very big deal. It seems that no other piece of artwork can exist within the same space, or even the same room, and there's a gold frame leaning anxiously on me. Please complete my life by choosing this entry. If you don't, my owner may knock me down entirely. Or worse, cause me to suffer by plastering me with Justin Bieber posters.

      Yours Truly,

      A Wall

    • http://Twitter.com/OhGeeEm GM

      Because my room has a big, ugly map from 1812 wallpapered onto the wall that I would like to cover up. This poster is the only alternative to smashing a hole into the wall with a hammer.

    • http://twitter.com/#!/deejaygreg DeejayGreg

      I need this poster so I can blaze it up, and play Where's Waldo

    • BX Educator

      I need this to hang on the wall in my classroom. Teaching Elementary School in the South Bronx where I'm encouraged to educate students not only about themselves, but about where they are from is a blessing in this "testing" no child left behind era. My class is named the Jazz Cats and I love have posters of influential jazz figures all around the room. This piece would look nice along with Coltrane, Monk, and Mingus. I can't wait to have students asking questions about the figures in this poster.

    • Eazy-Evan

      I would love to have this because I'm an old school kind of guy! I'm only 19, actually I just turned 19 yesterday, but all I listen to is old school, whether it be hip hop, funk, electro or whatever I just love it! Thats why I love egotrip so much because I can skyways find that old school flavor here. I also dj and would love to frame and hang this in my dj lair to really spice up the place, and seeing that my inspiration Jazzy Jeff is on there, like Ed OG said "I got to have it!" If chosen I can assure you that it will be going to good hands, and someone who will truly enjoy and appreciate it.

    • UncleEight

      I'm one of the only people on this list who still has music on vinyl, cd, cassette tape and 8-track, PLUS, I still rock a big heavy old 8-D-Battery-holding boombox when I need to. I don't know much about music but I know what I like, and I'm liking this shirt.

    • http://twitter.com/whitesaid @whitesaid

      *Not an actual entry*

      One, Two, Ho-uuh
      Was the start of my last jam
      So here it is again, another S-O-S jam
      But since I gave you all a little scratching
      That we knew you liked
      They still consider me a new jack
      All the records you can hear'em
      I'll hold the needle
      But they hope for the vinyl
      And pray it ain't warped
      The follower of The Saints
      Don't tell me that you understand
      Until you hear the man
      The book of the new school DJ game
      Writers treat me like Fleischer, nicer
      Yes to them, but to me I'm a different kind
      We're blokes of the same mind, unblind
      Can’t Join ‘Em
      Beat ‘Em
      I don't cut for the sake of youngstas
      Some claim that I'm mature
      Some say I never heard of 'ya
      A rap B-Boy, hype media

      I do need it, don’t I?
      It's fresh that's what it be to 'ya, dig me?
      Do believe the hype...

      h/t to PE

    • bboycult

      I just want it because I like to collect shit; no different from any other geek....if not me though, give it to Dee Phunk. Or Courtney Blood (Ted Bawno is sending me as his stand in).

    • S.Kratch

      I need this poster because my wall is one of the ugliest you will ever seen. But with this dope poster, the wall would look much better.

    • http://brl-inc.org/ LV

      I'm gunna be cut-throat with it: I'm a female of color working at a non-profit (http://brl-inc.org/) that promotes mental health and wellness among youth and young adults of color by utilizing Hip Hop, and other forms of youth culture, as a catalyst for change and development. Although I love the work I do with a torrid passion, it does not get me paid enough to afford nice things like this amazing poster...just the way saying Brent Rollins and Edan are some of my favorite graphic designers didn't get me ahead in art school. Did you know that Chuck D studied graphic design? The Oakland youth I work with do. I strive to make them feel empowered by Hip Hop. I strive to make other females beat-fiends feel less alone about knowing who the studio musicians on an album were (http://daughtersofdilla.com/) and sometimes it gets lonely and most days I'm broke and I ask myself why I passed up higher paying corporate jobs but then things like this DJ Format project come out and I get excited and I want to share it with my youth and tell them, "This is why I do it! This is what got me started and this is why I will always do it!" Stick with what you love and it will love you back...so yeah, I would thoroughly enjoy this poster.

    • GAusten

      I was born, bred & still live in Southampton, UK....Formats Hometown! Represent ya roots!!! Peace!

    • Andrew Cash

      I should win this poster because this poster is a big STATEMENT & it's INTENTion is to be on my wall :-)

    • Dr Z

      Because I got Drake tattooed on my forehead

    • Jay

      Need this to complete the Statement of Intent set, as a DWGer the nerd inside must have this and will forever regret missing it the first time.

    • http://punchedin.net JTRON

      Give it to BX Educator! I believe children are the future

    • http://www.jimmyjinx.com jimmy jinx

      Will there ever be another piece of art created featurng the HEADHUNTERS and ZIPPY from RAINBOW? That is doper than Wise Intellegent on Pure Poverty, well, almost comparable!
      I need this poster in my life to remind me just how ground brreaking the contribution of ZIPPY was to to setting the style for so many moody emcees that followed in his trail.

    • sigher the gutter snype

      My home studio is now complete.......but the walls are cold and lifeless. The statement of intent could be the first poster to grace the blank canvas and give me inspiration to make golden era hip hop every time I gaze into the abbiss

    • waxcat

      i,m a collector of rare hiphop vinyl film and music posters! i need this one badly !!! if i win i will add you as friend on fb buddy!

    • John K-FLiP Kirby

      I need this on my wall to constantly remind me to buy a copy.. so when alzheimer's kicks in & i have 1,000 copies to choose from.. i can bask in it's awesomeness..