1. NEW MUSIC: Constant Deviants - "Gotta Get Paid (Remix)."


    Can't say we've exactly closely monitored the activities of Constant Deviants since the crew's indie classic "Competition Catch Speed Knots" dropped some 14 (is it?) or so years ago. By and large there's probably nothing less cool within contemporary blogospheric circles than peeping the latest from some underground '90s crew you probably had to be there to get in the first place. Yet here CD is with a surprisingly likeable hazy/lazy new track - a remix by one D Cut Love hailing from Espana - that appealingly meanders along in hypnotic "codeine dream" (nowhere near as sizzurp) fashion. Apparently, it's the lead single from a forthcoming mixtape entitled, Platinum: The Mixtape . (The forthcoming album is, of course, entitled Diamond .) Good to know the Deviants have maintained their sense of humor after all these years. Listen below, or

    Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here . You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


    Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here . You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

  2. You might wanna peep...


      What you are talkin about bitch ass niggas? hazy remix?? lazy? sizzurp fashion?¿??? shut the fuck up and support real hip hop, get out the dicks off your mouth and stop talkin shit, real shit right here motherfuckers!!!!

    • egotrip

      Tsk tsk. Lawdamercy! Such language! You're not going to secure a place in heaven with a potty-mouth like that young man!

    • Rule

      I thought i was in blogosphere ? Lame's still wanna be gatekeepers of tired brands and failed magazines . CONSTANT DEVIANTS are Hardbody !!

    • Get Right

      Some serious shit needs to Re-Adjusted in this post (@Herb-Trip).
      And having Tyler The Confused Hipster near CD's is just plain disrespectful to real Hip-Hop Music..... but you guys should no that yeah as your running a site tailerd to our community... or u guys just playin the role ?, hard to tell cause there's alot of it nowadays .
      If ya tryna target an audience who consists of 2011 Modern Hipsters (who have it twisted by hating on 90's hiphop & anything that sounds like it, but will dress up like a 90's rap reject from the fresh prince of belair) then maybe you should re-consider playing around in the depths of whats real, cause clearly your loosing your way in trying to do so.
      It's either this or you find someone who knows the fuck they talking about when it comes to doing a review on people who create music in a real sense .
      And I really don't give a fuck if J-Zone got anything to do with this review neither, I'll call any mofo out who is straight Dumbin' like this .

      Ya Fake Azz Bumbaz !!!

    • egotrip

      Sheesh - had no idea posting a dusty song we enjoyed by a group we hadn't heard from in a while would incur such friggin' hate mail.

    • Constant Ds

      Big up to everyone who's standing up for us but lets not forget everyone has an opinion. we do appreciate the exposure and the fact that the people at Egotrip took the time out to listen and write something about the record! Six2Six!!! maybe theyll like the next 1 better

    • egotrip

      Everyone, obviously it's not clear, but WE ACTUALLY LIKE THE SONG. We only post music we like in our new music posts. There is no point in us posting a Constant Deviants mp3 and saying it sucks.

      Would we call, say, early EPMD "hazy/lazy"? Absolutely. In a good way. If that was misunderstood, we apologize. But we use the words "likeable" and "appealing" for crying out loud.


      The wanna-be gatekeepers of tired brands and failed magazines.

    • Constant Ds

      whats up fellas check out the next release! its called Fulton St. good lookin