1. Conservative Columnist David Brooks is Feelin’ Jay-Z; Lil’ Wayne, Not So Much.

    Given that rap has been around since the ’70s and is the dominant form of pop music (EDM, we see you), we really shouldn’t be surprised at the types of people who listen to it. We guess . But honestly, what really bugs us the “eff” out is that New York Times “political and cultural commentator” David Brooks is not only a rap fan , he’s an enthusiastic, well-informed Jay-Z fan. In an email to NYmag.com (with the subject line “Don’t Get Me Into My Zone”) Brooks expresses opinions on Hova-related matters ranging from the quality of the Watch The Throne LP (a “highlight of the year”) to S. Carter’s confident persona. Even more impressive (if that’s the right word for it) is his analysis of Lil’ Wayne

    Writes David Brooks:

    “I suspect I’m not the only square middle aged white guy who thinks Lil’ Wayne is going downhill.”

    You see? You see that right there what he said? Face it. No matter what end of the political spectrum you may reside, the man has a point that you simply cannot deny. Don’t even try it. You’re fessin’ straight up and down kid. You’re fessin.’

    Read More at NYMAG .

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