1. Shiznit We Slept On: Company Flow — “Info Kill II” Cartoon Music Video (2008).

    Y’know, sometimes you find the most random things on the Internet. Case in point, this homemade music video for the Company Flow favorite, “Info Kill,” made out of scenes from the ’80s G.I. Joe animated series . What makes this really random is the start and finish — the “real American hero” action is bookend by a racist cartoon circa late 1930s/ early 1940s and an old black-and-white Betty Boop cartoon involving laughing gas and maniacal laughing that almost becomes sinister after repeated viewings. All this contrasted by the eerie, somber strains of the 1997 Funcrusher Plus version of the Co Flow 12″ single. It’s a strange mix, but somehow it works. Peep it after the jump…

    (Props to ‪jza777‬)

    REMINDER: Today’s the official release date of El-P’s triumphant Cancer For Cure album ( Cop that ).

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